Friday, March 14, 2014

Betty in the Wild: The Less-Deep South

I know Betty will disagree - politely - but I like superhighways.  Of course, the lesser byways of my native land are more likely to be lined with strip malls (pawn shop, hot-tub store (I'm serious; lots of hot-tub stores in the USA), nail salon, mini-food mart and not the kind where one receives proposals over the tinned goods) than with thatched pubs and white-clapboard churches.  That makes the major roads, which are most often lined with grasses and trees, seem quite attractive.  Nonetheless, I was a bit daunted by the thought of 1,000 miles on Route 95... but a few judicious exits made the trip a pleasure.

As, for instance, a stop at the Santee Wildlife Refuge in more-or-less Summerton, South Carolina, where there are endangered alligators (saw a skull at the visitor center, probably from a gator killed by a poacher, but no live critters, which is just fine with me; what ugly animals they are) and a burial mound that both Brits and Yanks used as a fort back in the Disturbance-in-the-Colonies days.  By that time, the local Santee tribe had little use for it, as contact with Europeans had reduced their numbers from 3,000 to fewer than 500.  The tribe was extirpated by 1800.

Not quite the Acropolis, but the site of a notable American victory over British forces in... oh.  Sorry.

Just to prove we're still in the South.  Note commendable lack of alligators slithering from the mud, much as an over-indulged little sister might, or the imp of jealousy operating on an over-imaginative fiancee who catches sight of a pretty cousin kissing her fiance.

In Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, I accidentally purchased a gardenia that will not thrive in northern Virginia, and skidded into a u-turn when I saw this picturesque church.  Why?

Give you hint:  not because it's picturesque.

Get it?  Get it?!?

Finally, in Richmond, Virginia, once the capital of the confederacy, I perused the statuary, much as Beatrice did in Copenhagen.  Except hers was a mermaid and mine was mostly soldiers, statesmen and allegories.

Then I had lunch at an old-world Italian place, followed by what Beatrice would call pancakes by way of a sweet.  The restaurant pictured here, and I, call them crepes.


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh, you should have asked me about alternatives to I-95 from North Carolina to D.C. We know them all! as we hate I-95 with a passion, but still need to get from Baltimore area to coastal N.C. at least once a year. Very few strip shopping centers....
    But it sounds like you found a lot of loveliness along your route.

    1. Yay! So good to hear from you, Betty Barb. What's up in MD?

  2. Hint, hint. They called their daughter after her. Rosemary for remembrance.

  3. They named their daughter Rosemary because in
    The Gemel Ring
    Fate Is Remarkable
    Not Once But Twice

    their patient
    Mrs Boot
    Mrs Black
    Mrs Brown

    said, 'Me name's Rosemary— it's a nice name for a little girl.'

    Ah—yes, Rosemary for remembrance.

  4. in... oh. Sorry. ? ? ?

    Picture: Not quite the Acropolis, but the site of a notable American victory over British forces in... oh. Sorry.

    in... oh. Sorry.

    A riddle? Betty A. clapping her hands. (Silly Betty A.)

    Yesterday, I knew that I wanted to solve it. (Truth be told, I did not even know what the riddle was.) Today, I set myself the task of finding the solution. Betty A. on the wrong track: Where along the I - 95 might the picture have been taken? I needed a logical approach. Luckily, I looked at the text again. Where? The solution to that question was right there. Silly me. That was not the riddle. But I solved it anyway. Eventually.

    Santee Wildlife Refuge in more-or-less Summerton, South Carolina where there are endangered alligators [...] and a burial mound that both Brits and Yanks used as a fort back in the Disturbance-in-the-Colonies days [...] site of a notable American victory over British forces in April, 1781.

    And, of course, Betty van den Betsy picked just the right book for her picture:
    Never While the Grass Grows

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