Wednesday, September 30, 2015


In the land of Neels, old ladies did not have work done. At least, not nice old ladies who wear wellies and potter around in garden sheds on the grounds of a stately mansion.

But The Founding Bettys are interested in changing the layout of the blog. Giving the old girl a nip here and tuck there and a static homepage... We're interested in this because we would like a brand new reader to come across the posts in related segments: Reviews in one place, Betty van den Betsy's book not worked from the back...etc.

Because we are not technical at all, this may take some doing but we ask for your patience and forbearance and for you not to chuck too many things at our heads while we do it. We don't know how great an upheaval this will be. But I'm pretty sure they said the very same words about the Suez Canal and look how that turned out...

The Founding Bettys


  1. Looks years younger already! Well done. So far. ;o) You have set yourselves quite a task! I like the moss rose. I wonder where the background picture was taken.

    Do I see Mountains in the Mist?

    Casualty Sister Araminta ffinch-Martin was walking along the almost unseen path through the meadows and brush covering the hills near her Dorset family home, the damp tendrils of the dew-covered plants catching at her slacks, every once in a while. She was so lost in thought, she didn't see the man coming towards her, at a leisurely stroll, a small furry dog by his side, until she was almost upon him. In fact, it was the dog's happy little bark that alerted her to their presense. The man was very tall and large with it, thick pepper and salt hair brushed back from a high forehead, a commanding nose above a thin mouth and determined chin, and eyes of a pale wintry blue, that seemed to be at variance with his otherwise dark good looks. He was wearing a Barbour jacket over elderly, but well-cut tweeds, his large feet in stuck servicable Wellington boots. ...

  2. Well done, Founding Bettys! I like the new wardrobe. You must have spent a blissful morning in Harrods, with a blank cheque from the tall and vast RDD you have just married in a rapidly arranged but nonetheless flower-filled marriage ceremony!

  3. I am a relatively new reader to the world of Betty Neels and I just love your website which i recently stumbled upon! So much good reference material and then reading your review of a particular Betty Neels once i finish reading it is absolutely delightful. So well written and entertaining! Thanks for such a great blog and I hope it remains available for a long time to come!


  4. Greeting from Bradford on Avon!
    This is not a facelift, it is just putting on the family jewels. Old ladies are allowed to do that and it looks fantastic. This is my favourite site.