Monday, January 4, 2016

Goals and the Making of Them

Rose tapped her pen and finally wrote:
"Graduate with the Gold Medal"
It was sure to come in handy sometime.
It's the first Monday of the New Year and the van Voorhees family will be doing what we always do: Reviewing last year's goals and making some new ones.
La Neels was probably that sort of girl herself. She has Caroline (Caroline's Waterloo) resolve to learn how to ride a horse. Eleanor (Roses for Christmas) makes a whole list of things she would like to have--and surely some of them would change her life. Lucy Lockitt (The Girl With Green Eyes) practically makes a campaign out of conquering the heart of her fair hero. And then there is the clever, disciplined and AWESOME Laura (A Hasty Marriage):

As they walked back, Reilof observed: "It would serve everyone right if you were to turn up in bridal finery and a dozen bridesmaids behind you." He looked down at her thoughtfully, and she thought that he was really seeing her.
"You don't look as old as you are," he told her kindly, a remark which left her seething, although she thanked him in a colorless voice and bit back the retort ready on her tongue, while a resolve, a little vague as yet, took shape in the back of her head that one day he should eat his words...

Does anyone have any New Year's Resolutions they would like to share? Strategies for success? Worthy ones that were not pulled off?


  1. Betty Keira, I don't normally make resolutions, but this year I have resolved to finish things. It may not sound much, but after moving an entire house full of my junk and half completed knitted and craft items, I am determined that I shall at least finish the half-pairs of socks (in fact I have only ever finished one pair although I have started many!), the fairisle hats that just need all the ends woven in (my least favourite activity, weaving in!), the jumper that just needs sewing up (and has done since the late 1980s), the shetland shawl I started in the late 1980s and got to the border before I put it away and never picked it up again, and the numerous more recent enthusiasms that got started and not finished. There is much to do!

  2. I have a bunch of Betty Neels books I'd like to donate. If the shipping can just be paid? Do you know if there are any readers out there who would like them? thanks, drisdy -

  3. I'm trying to teach myself applique. It's nerve-wracking, but if I work a little bit on it every day...?

  4. I regularly make New Year's resolutions...some of which I finish, some I don't. I don't beat myself up about the ones that didn't get finished, I usually have a super good reason that I didn't (umm...desserts are NECESSARY people!). I like to have categories...this year the categories are alliterative: Family, Fun, Funeral, Fancy Work, Faith and Fitness. Within the categories I have more specific goals, for instance, under Fancy Work I have a goal to make myself a quilt for MY bed this year, under Family one of my goals is to "take the high road - don't take offense, even when offense is meant".
    Keira and I have a private FB page (with one other sister), in which we post weekly goals...often those weekly goals are directly tied to some of our New Year's resolutions. I've found it a good way to help me stay accountable.

  5. My new year's resolution is to practice the piano every day (or at least several times a week). Maybe by next Christmas I'll lead the faithful family retainers in a round of carol singing!

  6. Mine is to learn Tenor Recorder. I can still play descant from my school days. I really wanted to learn the clarinet and this has similar fingering and means I can see how \I get on without the expense of a clarinet.

    1. Betty Janet, that is really cool. A long time ago, I would have liked to have an alto in addition to my descant recorder, but I never got one.

      We may want you to record your efforts on the Tenor Recorder in a video to be posted on our facebook page. ;o)

  7. Betty Barbara! Hello there! Just as I was about to shut down my computer last night, I saw your city winking on the globe widget. A happy moment, because I thought it was you! (As if there could not be any other possible Bettys in your neighbourhood. lol)
    I hope you are doing well!