Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wait For Me!--Cared For Clothes

This sounds awfully like some of the better mothers in The Canon:

"(Mother) like my father, she had blonde hair and blue eyes, and her fine, regular features were a softer version of his. Totally without vanity, she did not seem to care what she looked like in everyday life, but when dressed up for an occasion she outshone her contemporaries. She loved clothes but possessed few and must have one the same ones for years. I remember individual coats, skirts, and dresses and an occasional evening dress; they were always original and exactly right for her. She was selfless to a rare degree and lived for her husband, her children and her small circle of friends, many of them family. High on the list of people she minded about were those who worked for her. She belonged to a generation of women who were brought up to accept their husbands' decisions and to make the best of their circumstances. "For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer," were widely accepted conditions of marriage then."

--Deborah Mitford, "Wait For Me!"


  1. You know I read this blog entry and the next post on my feedly was something about capsule wardrobe and I thought 'boy, this girls don't know a thing. betty neels used capsule wardrobe for her heroines since the 60s.'

  2. I think it is safe to say that my mom loved (loves) clothes. Back when we were little, she knew what was fashionable, what skirt length was de rigeur, what colours went with which. My mom bought my clothes or went clothes shopping with me until I was out of school (grade 13, mind). I trusted her fashion sense.

    Bettys, these were the '70s, what can I have been thinking?!! LOL. ;o)

    Anyway, I learned the rudiments of what constitutes fashion at my mother's knee, so to speak. Am I fashion conscious? - Nah! I do my own thing.