Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Opinions of a Novice

I lent my friend several Betty books because she hasn't the faintest clue about things like what to do in case of a bomb (Answer: Hang your purse on a handy wire sticking out of a wall and start dressing wounds.) or how hair-raising driving one's Mini all over the Dutch countryside can be. Though I gave her five, I offered her all sorts of hemming and hawing expressions of "If you hate them, don't continue to torture yourself." Well, she's raced through them all and these are her findings! I offer you our messaging. I am in blue and she is in a chic pale gray, just right for a wedding to begin an arranged marriage:

I'll ask questions and you answer at your leisure. Take all the time you want. I don't care if this takes three weeks.
Q: In order of least to best, how did you like the books? (A Kiss For Julie, The Promise of Happiness, The Little Dragon, Magic in Vienna and Discovering Daisy)
Don't elaborate at this point. I just want a list

A Kiss for Julie, discovering Daisy, The Promise of Happiness, Magic in Vienna, the Little Dragon. Although those last two could easily be switched
Q: The Little Dragon is contentious because some of the Betties don't like all the lying he does and don't like that he calls her a dragon. I come down on the 'it's a hoot' side. What did you like about it?
Hah I liked all the lying. It made for a different story line
And to me was more realistic.
If someone told me they hated rich people I may keep my mouth shut too.
And I take names like little dragon as a compliment so it doesn’t bother me.

We are as one, Paula.

Did you actively dislike any of them and why?
The first one. Characters were too shallow in development and the plot seemed weak. The plot concept I liked but it just seemed poorly executed.
If it was your book I’d tell you to go back and rewrite
Yes. That one is Late Canon and she's a lot more spotty at that end. Though everyone likes the macaroni and cheese and the too-tight shoes and poorly-made-over dresses.
Would you ever read her again?

Sure. I was actually going to ask you for a few more
I like that they are a fast read
And a little princess like

Nifty. They are a bit princess-y.
My bookshelf is at your service


  1. We have a convert.

  2. We have a convert.

  3. Oh horray! A new Betty! Soon she'll be looking for vintage nursing pictures and Dutch related material on the internet like the rest of us.

  4. A new Betty! Yeaaaaaa! πŸ“–πŸ“•πŸ“šπŸ“š Another 130 stories for her to discover!

    A new Betty who understands πŸ‰The Little DragonπŸ‰ the way I do. πŸ€—

    Let's not risk a beautiful new friendship by raising the πŸ‘³‍♀️ question. πŸ˜‰

  5. We have a convert :)


  6. It is great to know we can still find some Betties out there!