Monday, February 19, 2018

The Lark in the Meadow--Video Review

My video review of The Lark in the Meadow explores the developing mid-century rabbit situation in New Zealand. What do you mean "niche"?


  1. I always enjoy listening to your reviews, the way you explain parts of the story.
    The Odyssey reference made me think of the times the Betty Neels hero tells somebody something along the line that someone is a guest and should be treated accordingly. And I recall feeling put out when the hero sort of reprimanded the heroine when it was the Veronica who was out of line. I think the same law of hospitality is ingrained in the Neels heroes.

  2. Your reviews remind me of why I enjoy reading -- it gives insights to other societies--how they live, think, and act--across time and place and position. You have shown me how even the microcosms speak universal truths, or at least whisper truths that speak to our hearts. Thank you.