Friday, November 18, 2011

A Craven Appeal To Your Better Natures

Hey Bettys!
The Founding Bettys have been enjoying your writing exercises immensely--stray animals, Bosnian orphan babies with green ooze, supercilious eyebrows...the lot.  And it got me to thinking...

I've been sucked into the vortex of Pintrest (What?  You haven't heard of it?  Run, Bettys, run!) and have noticed that the Harry Potterheads have serious support for their fanfiction.  Obsessive, Bettys.  They're obsessive.  So, if anyone wants know...write a feature-length novel channel their Betty muse in long form, we'd be thrilled to publish it on TUJD.  (In installments, if necessary.)  Seriously, if anyone wants an outlet, we're here for you.  Broad parody, homage, 'in the style of'...what else?  If there are characters you love that didn't have the story you wanted them to...For instance, I'm dying for the opportunity of having the daughter of the non-repulsive American Aurthur C. Boekerchek move to Britain, take up nursing and find love. Obviously, it has to hold to the spirit of The Venerable Neels.  We're not the kind of site to veer wildly into Potterotica (What?! Ew.) land.

In other news, Betty Tia, The Baby Sister of the Founding Bettys is self-publishing her YA novel I Wish... tomorrow on Kindle.  And as I've watched her moiling away in the salt mines of authorship, I have been gobsmacked.  Such a massive undertaking! (To Betty Magdalen, and all our TUJD Authoresses, my hat's off to you!) Anyway, below is her book trailer.

We throw coins in a fountain, we blow out candles, we close our eyes against a falling star... all for the chance at a single wish. But what would happen if a wish was forced on you?

Kira is one of the newest batch of Jinn sent to mend the paths of those humans who have lost their destinies. She has been assigned to discover Jack Morgan's one true wish by whatever means are necessary, with only three stipulations: 1) no one is to discover she is a Jinni, 2) she is never to lose control of her powers, and 3) she is never, ever to grow attached to her human.

The stubborn Wall of Jack, as Kira thinks of him, has worked hard to create a life that is normal in a home that was anything but. He wants nothing more than to follow his meticulously laid out plan for his future. So, when Kira arrives in his English class with a rush of wind and spark of energy that knocks him off balance, he never would have guessed that she was a Jinni sent for him.

Kira and Jack battle wills, battle their own failings, and battle the impossible feelings that are growing between them; until a battle of another kind pulls them eternally together.

Even with mystery, magic and a timeless romance, nothing could prepare the reader for the consequences of two little words... I wish.

What can we say?
Yay Betty Tia! we're so proud of her.
I Wish by Tia Harrington, available November 19, 2011 (download from Amazon Kindle store).

We here at The Uncrushable Jersey Dress hope that if there are any other would-be authoresses lurking in our comment box, they'd let us know.  We'd be delighted to spread the word!


  1. First, congratulations to Betty Tia!
    Second, may we get Betty Beth's NaNoWriMo project (the one in the style of BN) published here in installments? What do you say, Betty Beth?

  2. So excited about your book but I don't have a Kindle. If there is any other way I could access it, please let me know. If not, I like Betty Beth's idea of publishing it in installments on this site. Please advise. Betty Ellen

  3. Betty Suzanne from Victoria here.

    Congratulations to Betty Tia! Would love to read the book, but like Betty Ellen, I don't have a Kindle, any suggestions?

    I'm with Betty Lulu, Betty Beth, I would love to read more of the adventures of plucky little Daisy who has landed in a grimy, rat-infested bed-sitter with trusty old Felix, the ratter!

  4. Hi Bettys!

    I'd love to put up my NaNoWriMo project once it's finished - I hope you all would get a kick out of it, as I'm having a great deal of fun writing it. Unfortunately, Betty Suzanne, it doesn't deal with dear Daisy and Felix (though I am now tempted)!

    I'm flattered by the suggestion. I'll have to make sure it's up to Mrs. Neels's standards!!

  5. Bettyellen and Betty Suzanne from Victoria,
    Google Kindle for PC. Free app on the "female warrior" page.
    Tried to post detailed information. Twice. My comments were posted and then disappeared. Let's see how this one fares.
    Betty Anonymous

  6. Thank you, Betty Anon - will give it a shot!

    Betty Beth, can't wait to read your project!


    Betty Suzanne