Thursday, November 10, 2011

Real World Betty

via email:

I can't resist sharing this article with you in honour of all the Aramintas and Cressidas and Philomena's that know how to apply a tourniquet in an emergency.....usually expensive stockings or uncrushable shirtwaisters....but still.....

Off-duty nurse saves crash victim's life... using a bra as a tourniquet

Thank you to the alert reader (Betty Adele?) who sent us the email with this link! It sort of begs the question: What would you use for  an emergency tourniquet?


  1. Betty van den BetsyNovember 11, 2011 at 1:41 PM

    I'm afraid it would be down to dirty socks, tied together, for me. My bras just don't bend much...

  2. 'Twasn't her own. Another nurse offered hers and a man offered his trouser belt and she used those. Thumbs up for her ingenuity!
    Wasn't there an AramintaOlivia somewhere who applied a tourniquet? What did she use?
    Betty Anonymous

  3. Terrific skills and composure, she looks like a Betty Matron too. Can't help wishing that she could have saved that poor woman's leg too, but its amazing saving a life at all.

    Must admit though after looking at her impressive bustline I wondered if her own bra might have been a good option (if she wasn't using both hands to stem the bleeding obviously ;).

    Wondering too if there was a Betty that offered part of her under-dress or skirt as tourniquet, or wasn't there RDD's offering his silk tie or leather belt...
    Betty AnHK