Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, February20th.
Mummy is self-described as"Poor little me",
loud pop music, divorced RDD.


  1. Strong contender for the single most appalling mother in all of Neelsland.

  2. This cover creeps me out. What is up with her face? Why is she riding on water? Why? Why?

    Which is a bummer really because this book is the closest I get to having a heroine named (well, maiden named) for me and I don't like the look of her.

    1. And why is she wearing jeans!!!!!!?????

      A BN girls nevah wears jeans in public!!!!

      What is this world coming to???

      Betty Francesca

  3. I love the cover (wet pavement--Holland, you know). I love his picture (yum). I love her picture (abundance of hair--wide mouth--darling but not stunning). I love the whole thing....Best example of giving as good as you get and NOT being tall and splendid.

  4. There is a bridge (way in the back) crossing the 'pavement' so I think I have you there. I concede that this cover might do it for some (contrarians like Betty JoDee with whom I am locked in an eternal death spiral over the awesomeness re Reilof) but it leaves me cold. ;0)

  5. Betty Barbara here--
    Betty Keira, I do believe you have it--look at the ducks in the canal(lower right). I suspect the bicyclist is supposed to be on the sidewalk, but the artist's skill failed him/her.
    As for Hannah's face--if it weren't for the fact that the book was published in 1980, I'd be thinking Angelina Jolie on a bad day from a really bad angle by a really bad photographer.
    I'll save my thoughts on the contents for next week.

  6. That bridge is extremely peculiar. It should be rain-damp pavements, but... I do like Hannah's looks, though, although I don't recall any Neels heroine admitting to plucking her eyebrows, which our cover model must have done.

    I hope we can find common ground that the back cover is a classic: "His type liked only decorative women!" is the screaming headline.

  7. Floating heads: Think he's George Harrison while she is in a telenovela about to hear news of Viva La revolucion. In foreground the Bas van Ader'ing bike is funny, maybe that's Hannah's Poor Little Me mother dunking fantasy. Take that mama dearest!
    Betty AnHK