Thursday, February 16, 2012

To-ing and Fro-ing

In Neeldom, it's quite common for Cassandraminta Mary Jane to spend quite a bit of time commuting back and forth between London (or the family home in the country) to Holland. It always sounded so exhausting...all that travel...until I looked up just how far it is from London to's a mere 254 miles (by way of Harwich). I suppose it's even closer as the crow flies.  I'm not quite as impressed now.

I'm heading down to Betty Keira's for a long weekend - I have to pick up Dr. van der Stevejinck at the airport, on the way. He's working out of town this week...and next. I'll drop him off at the airport in Portland on my way home...which will make a total of around 500 miles this weekend.

But wait, there's more.

The following weekend I'll be meeting Dr. van der Stevejinck in San Jose, California...for a quick visit with our oldest son and his brand new fiancee. (1,700+ miles RT)

But wait, there's more.

The week after that I'll be flying from Seattle to Charleston, South Carolina.  I've offered to babysit my 4 grandchildren while their parents take a week to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. (6,000 miles RT). 


Let's tot up our sums.  500+1,700+6,000=8,200ish miles in less than a month.

And now a look a few epic travel adventures in Neeldom (I would hate to take away from a possible Betty by the Numbers I'll stick to just three memorable ones). Let's see how they stack up:

Abigail and Dominic's 920 mile drive from Spain to Holland (Saturday's Child) - with a seriously ill toddler. I'll give them that one...especially since Dominic had just driven the 920 miles to Spain to pick up the little tyke.

Sarah van Elven (Fate is Remarkable) drives to the wilds of Scotland, solo.  Roughly 460+ miles in the dead of winter.  Hugo makes the same trip solo, with more treacherous roads. Again, I'm willing to give them this one...even though Sarah does take more than a day to drive it.

And the winner for most intrepid driver in Neeldom...drum roll please....

Henrietta Brodie (Henrietta's Own Castle) drives off to Holland in Charlie -"a very old Mini bought from one of the housemen 3 years previously, it had been second-hand then....". Again, it's a solo trip in the dead of winter. Not only is it the dead of winter...but she has to do it on the wrong side(to her) of the road and follow road signs in a foreign language to get to a place that she's never been before. I wouldn't want to try it by myself.