Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Fashions

As I was starting up my computer this morning, I ran across an article on Yahoo about Olympic opening ceremony fashions.  Being a sucker for an online fashion show, I clicked over.  I would like to share a couple of pictures for the two or three other people on the planet who haven't already seen them ( Yahoo captions are in italics):
You can't pull off orange pants. I can't pull off orange pants. Only Dutch athletes can pull off orange pants.

Sigh.  There are some potential RDD's in the making.  On the other side of the fashion spectrum, I give you Great Britain:
Are they in Abba? A cult? A recreation of Puffy and Mase in the "Mo Money, Mo Problems" video? If the English do as well in the Olympics as they did in looking the most ridiculous at their Opening Ceremony, then it's going to be one happy fortnight in London.      
The Brit's costumes do remind me of Gloria's knickerbockers (A Dream Came True). Discuss.