Monday, March 11, 2013

A Very Betty Baby Shower

As most of you know, Betty Keira is due to deliver another 'pledge' (a girl) in just under ONE MONTH!!! This Friday, Betty Kylene is hosting a baby shower in Portland - 200 miles away from me, and much, much farther for many of you...which got me thinking that we should host a baby shower right here on TUJD.

Brilliant, I know.

Instead of actually buying/making/sending a present to Betty Keira I thought it would be fun to share what Betty Neels character we would like to be, and what we would give her if we actually were Araminta Susannah Emily Dawlish-Fford.  For those of you who are metaphorically (I hope metaphorically) scratching your heads in...

  • a. amazement
  • b. puzzlement
  • c. dandruff
I will clarify.

My character of choice is Ermentrude Foster from The Mistletoe Kiss.  As you may remember, Ermentrude was pretty handy with a Emmy (much better than Ermentrude) would make Betty Keira a beautifully hand stitched piece of embroidered art to go on the nursery wall. 

Betty Keira flushed prettily as she tried to come up with a nice way of telling Betty Debbie (aka Ermentrude) that there was no way on earth she would hang those embroidered pieces in her little angel's nursery.  No. Way.

Now it's your turn.  Let's see what we can come up with by Friday.  


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Remember, Emmy wanted to do all sorts of fancy stitchery--including smocking for baby garments. So, Betty Debbie, you can e-offer your younger sister a very pretty smocked baby dress!

  2. I shall be Sarah van Elven. I'm going to skip down to Fortnum&Mason and buy a hamper which I shall fill with marvelous baby items plus a generous checque so that Keira can choose some baby outfits herself. Then I'll top off the hamper with several sets of handknitted booties and caps. Hmmmm. Should I use pink or blue yarn??

    Betty AnoninTX

    1. I obviously need to read more carefully! I will use pink yarn. ;)

  3. I shall be redhead chef Mary and bring my darling friend darling little cupcakes made from scratch, decorated with cute little sprinkles and stuff. And pretty little paper plates from the $ store, oh wait, they don't have those in BN Land. Hmmm...I know. In a pretty little basket with silverware and china for all the ladies who will attend the lovely little shower at Hero Husband's gorgeous house!

    Betty Francesca

  4. I shall be cordon bleu trained Florina, taking all the pledges of affection into the kitchen with me, preparing fabulous meals for her, while my "famous paediatrician" hubs Sir William hoovers and gives her free baby advice. If too many people show up at the house to see the new little one, and start wearing their welcome thin, I will throw a fit as only a red-headed woman can and clear everyone out.

    B von S

  5. I shall be Waterloo's Caroline and will ask Radinck to take me to Harrods to choose baby clothing, a stuffed animal, a baby rattle, and a knitted little hat (hopefully Radinck will not be in a temper and make me drop stitches left, right and center).

  6. I shall be Eugenie Rijnma ter Salis. After returning from using my brilliant nursing skills alongside Aderik in the latest European war zone, I will hop in the great socking Bentley and acquire some exquisite small pinafores and bonnets in Amsterdam, along with a child-sized Delft tea set.

  7. I choose to be Mary Jane and I will take time from baking scones for my tea room to whip up a darling guardian angel mouse for Betty Keira’s baby...
    And maybe a little remembrance for Mama-To-Be Betty Keira herself…

    Betty Miller

  8. I shall be Sarah Fletcher, and clean and cook and fetch and carry whilst Betty Keira enjoys some well-deserved rest and dainty meals in a charming pink quilted bedjacket.

  9. I'll be Sarah van Elven. First, I would bring the arrangement of roses and early spring flowers to Betty Keira's hospital room, heedless of the fact that they're in a priceless Spode vase. Then I'd start a sweater for the baby, using very fine wool and a complicated pattern I'd keep messing up. Finally, I'd get a sterling porringer from Rundles.

    Have a very happy baby, Betty Keira. Let us know what her Betty name is when she gets here!

  10. Here's a belated contribution from Fran (The Secret Pool) - a new mouse storybook that Betty Keira can read aloud and I've also made a stuffed mouse dressed in a wedding gown. I acquired the knack of making these mice when I did the first one for Lisa at the time of my wedding to Litrik.

  11. And where are the photos of the fabulous shower?

  12. I am clearly Maggie running in late with my hair flying....

    However, I would rather be darling Hannah who would patiently top-and-tail Baby Betty while Betty Keira lounged.