Friday, May 10, 2013

Essie Summers, anyone?

via email:

Hi to everyone at the above web site.
I’m Betty Carla from Australia and I’ve been a member for a few years.
I am currently reading Essie Summers books and after reading your blog
about Bessie I clicked onto a web site called the friends of Essie Summers at
Multiply.  I think Oprah Mum mentioned it once or twice on your site while
reviewing some of Essie’s books.  I added this web site to my favourites but
as of today I can’t access it anymore as it seems to have vanished.
Can anyone help me to redirect to this web site if it still exists as I love to read
the description of the books and everything else that was part of the web site.
Hopefully yours,
Carla Poole

(Here is a link to the first post in a series that Betty Keira did about Essie S.)


  1. If anybetty knows it is Betty Laurel (opramum). I think she was a member. Here is the link to her comment on TUJD where she posted the Essie Summers links back in July 2010.

  2. Try this:

    I love Essie Summers myself. And I'm still trying to find the handful of her books I haven't read.

  3. Hi, Carla, (and all). I'm been hit and miss the last few months, too busy grandmothering! That poor Essie Summers group has had such a hard time! We were first on Yahoo, then went to MSN groups. They went belly up and moved us to Multiply. Multiply went belly up and we moved back to....Yahoo. The Yahoo group is small but loyal, and there are great pages on each of Essie's books, books, pictures of the locations, fashion files and our own personal adventures. There are no witty reviews like here, but boy, would that add even more!! Here is the link to the group. It would be great to see some of you there. We also share duplicate books with each other. Mrsfife, which ones are you looking for?

    1. Hi Betty Laurel, Thanks for your reply, I knew you would be able to help me with my query. I will check it out as soon as I have finished my reply. I can also get duplicate copies if anyone needs any, but as you say the later books are harder to come by but are readily available in the local library. I even bought some from Amazon USA for a reasonable price not long ago, but there are plenty for sale on Ebay Australia if anyone is interested.
      Cheers, Betty Carla

    2. I live in India....

      From my best efforts, I think these are the ones I'm missing:
      1958 The Time and the Place
      1959 The Lark in the Meadow (Nurse Abroad)
      1963 Where No Roads Go
      1964 Bride in Flight
      1965 Sweet are the Ways
      1968 Meet on My Ground
      1968 Rosalind Comes Home
      1971 Return to Dragonshill
      1972 South Island Stowaway
      1973 A Touch of Magic
      1976 Not by Appointment
      1977 Adair of Starlight Peaks
      1978 Spring in September
      1979 My Lady of the Fuchsias
      1979 One More River to Cross
      1997 Design for Life

      Some of them I've never read :(

  4. I LOVE Essie Summers' book!!! I have all but one of them. It makes me sad to think about selling them, but just don't have the room for them all, nor all of my Betty Neels' books.