Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

Betty Keira stumbled across this fabulous TV series.  Since it's British, the series is only 4 episodes long.  She watched it all, I watched it all, Betty Kylene watched it all.  In one evening. It's that good.

All the episodes are currently available on youtube.  Here's a link to the first one.  Be warned, this show is addictive.



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    1. PS. I watched the first episode yesterday and really enjoyed it but I do so hate it for the contestants when they have to face the criticism of the judges. :)

      I'm sort of an intermediate seamstress myself and would have been fine with the skirt and the dress, but changing the neckline of that shirt? And in only an hour? I'd have been a basketcase for sure! LOL I don't handle pressure very well. I felt so bad for the woman who sewed the facing on the shirt backwards. That's just something I would have done!

      Looking forward to watching the rest of the episodes! :)

    2. I have only watched about half of the first episode. I got sidetracked by Paul Hollywood's Bread My favourite skirt was the rose-patterned one. I will watch the remaining episodes on Thursday.

  2. It is 1:03am and I am physically forcing myself to go to bed instead of watching episode three. Or maybe I'm not...