Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Lady

via email (I'm posting the pictures extra large!!):


I am a recent fan of Betty Neels and your blog!  

While at a thrift store recently I came across something I thought you might be interested in--an old copy of the magazine "The Lady", where so many of our later heroines looked for jobs, placed ads in a desperate attempt to get away from a RDD, etc.

It is an older copy of the magazine, from May of 1963, so it wouldn't have been one used by our Aramintas, looking for that caretaker/housekeeper job that just might end in marriage to a rich doctor, but I bet it is pretty similar to the magazines of later years.

I have attached four pictures from the magazine, including the cover, an advertisement page, a sample of job ads, and some listings for student nurse positions.

I hope they are as interesting to you as they were to me.

Betty Melissa

Dear Betty Melissa,

The ads here are so awesome! 
I definitely need a "relaxator" and I'm dying to know if "Miss Smallwood's Society" is legit.

I had to google the royal wedding referred to on the cover, and here's a snippet from Wikipedia:

 Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy  (Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel; born 25 December 1936) is the youngest granddaughter of King George V and Queen Mary..
...Princess Alexandra was born on 25 December 1936 at 3 Belgrave Square, London. Her father was The Prince George, Duke of Kent, the fourth son ofGeorge V and Queen Mary. Her mother was Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, a daughter of Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark and Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia. She was named after her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra, her maternal grandmother, Princess Nicholas of Greece and Denmark, and both of her maternal aunts, Countess Karl Theodor of Törring-Jettenbach and Princess Paul of Yugoslavia. She received the name Christabel because she was born on Christmas Day like her aunt by marriage Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester.
As a male-line granddaughter of the British monarch, she was styled as a British princess with the prefix Her Royal Highness. At the time of her birth, she was sixth in the line of succession to the British throne...
... On 24 April 1963, she married the Hon Angus James Bruce Ogilvy (1928–2004), the second son of the 12th Earl of Airlie and Lady Alexandra Coke, at Westminster Abbey. The wedding ceremony was attended by the Royal Family and was broadcast worldwide on television, watched by an estimated 200 million people.
Ogilvy declined the Queen's offer of an earldom upon marriage. This meant that any children they might have would carry no titles at all.
Congratulations on your fabulous find, and thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Love and lardy cakes,

Betty Debbie


  1. Susie's Perfect Dry Cleaner! LOL. I found a book on stain removal at my local used book store and it introduced me to the "Fels-Naptha bar. Greatest laundry aid EVER, maybe even better than Mrs. Stewarts bluing.

    Betty von Susie

  2. Thank you, Betty Melissa! The Lady — what a great find! So many job offers for nurses/matrons or domestic help. Bettys, did you notice? Some of the jobs come with cottages to live in! Do you think there will be room for portly Charles? Other offers include bed/sitting-rooms, of course, or own room, TV! "NANNY / MOTHER'S HELP required [...] Ample daily help in labour-saving house."

    Some of the adds are hilarious.

    P. S. :Hello there Betty Barbara and Betty Karen!

  3. Betty Barbara here--
    Thank you Betty Melissa! And thank you Betty Debbie for saving me a trip to Wikipedia re: the royal wedding.
    I was especially amused by the ad for Bile Beans--nothing like truth in advertising!
    @Betty Anonymous--you are right! I so thought of 'Roses Have Thorns and dear portly Charles while reading the employment opportunity columns!

    1. Do you know, I’ve got a Bile Beans fridge magnet. I’ve had it for years!

      For Radiant
      and a Lovely

      I would never have guessed how this was to be brought about! Ha ha! Now I know.
      While looking for a picture of my Bile Beans fridge magnet I found a
      1939 retro add on Pinterest:

      For 1940 —
      Be Fit & Slim

      [text and picture]
      By Taking

      A couple of Bile Beans taken nightly enables you to "slim while you sleep" —
      surely and safely.
      These fine vegetable pills...

      "These fine vegetabel pills" — hahahaha!

    2. That should have been "ad". (Better than one of my other recent typos: I wrote "tomb" when I meant tome. Tsk tsk...)

  4. Thank you for sharing. What a find!

    Royal Wedding 1963 - The British Pathe newsreel (about 10 minutes)

    Be prepared for brief glimpses of Prince Charles as a teenager.

    Catherine (a Betty van den Wasatch)

  5. That was truly delightful. So many of the ads are direct about the of person they are willing to hire.

  6. Glad to see others enjoyed these pages from The Lady. Ever since I bought this I've been pouring over the ads--it wouldn't surprise me if Betty Neels got some ideas from the "plots" presented in the ads!

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  8. I was intrigued by Betty Debbie's question about Miss Smallwood's Society and if it was legit. It not only was legit, but is still around!


    The "some examples of our help" page is quite sad. But the stories of the ladies could be those of our Betty Neels' heroines if they hadn't met their rich doctor. The story of Miss S could be any of our Araminta's. I'm glad she did get some assistance.