Monday, August 4, 2014

Betty in the Real World: Her Family Tree

Based on researches by Betties Barbara, Mary and Ross, I have concocted the following attempt at a family tree.  I think it would be so interesting to find a proper biography of Betty, or at least hear from someone who actually knew her.  Mary Burchell wrote her autobiography, which I bet is fascinating and intend requesting via the rotten interlibrary loan at my new library, or maybe the faboo ILL at my old library.  Hmm.  Sorry!  Digression!  Why oh why did our Betty not write an autobiography?  Sure, she was writing 200,000 words/year of doctor-nurse romance, but surely she could have squeezed in 80,000 words or so of life story.

Anyway, please everyone correct the following, which you may be able to see more clearly here.