Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Filling Out the Canon

Over on the Facebook page, we are all having a good time sharing which scene in The Canon we'd like to be a fly on the wall of. My favorites is in The Hasty Marriage when Joyce walks into Reilof's gorgeous home and realizes that his net worth is like Godzilla smashing a tiny Japanese village and that her sister Laura has everything.

Other suggestions included:

A Match for Sister Maggy when the heroine refers to the puir wee professor and he's standing within earshot.

The dropped pineapple in Pineapple Girl.

Anytime a hero looks in appreciatively when a heroine is backing out of a linen closet.

When Radinck proposes to Caroline in Caroline's Waterloo.

All great suggestions. But that last one made me wish to see a scene that wasn't written. I'd like to be a fly on the wall of Radinck's stately home when he realizes that that awful British girl has changed his house somehow and that the hole where she ought to be is so big that there is nothing to do but go find her in London and ask her--she'd better not say no!--to marry him.

So, what are some scenes you wish were written and weren't?

(Lots of mine would be where the Veronicas get bawled out properly for their shenanigans!)


  1. It has always bothered me that Professor Renier Jurres-Romeijn took out Emily's seconaling-the-twins sister in Winter Wedding. I would like to see what made him ask her to go to the hospital ball with her, I would like to hear him asking her. I want his POV - because I simply don't get it. Bothers me no end!!!

  2. I want to see when Radinck decides to pocket Caroline's handkerchief in Caroline's Waterloo and how he must think of himself (surely self-mockery is in there somewhere) and how he has to decide to carry it with him every day and move it from coat to coat.

  3. Oooooooh, yes, yes, yes!!! Me too, me too!

  4. I believe there are 14 books in which the heroine has the opportunity to spin 'round to a gently complaining mother and say (not shout, but say very, very clearly), "'Poor little you' is actually entirely capable of surviving on a sandwich, made by yourself, for dinner one evening, and no I am not going to continue to subjugate my own ambitions, excellences and aspirations to your vain and selfish indolence for the rest of my life, nor even the rest of the evening. I'm going out dancing; see you in the morning."

    Can't wait for the movie!

    Betty van den Betsy

  5. I want to shake Hugo in Fate is Remarkable for bringing Janet to the house after he;s been gone for 3 weeks. Especially when he has let Sarah believe that he is still in love with Janet!