Monday, February 15, 2016

Cinema Betty

This weekend was wonderful and terrible at Casa van Voorhees. Betty Debbie traveled from Seattle and the whole house in a quest for greatness as we painted and shifted three of the kids' bedrooms. We ended up collecting 22 bags of things and working ourselves to the bone.

But we had a little downtime and Betty Debbie showed me a wonderful, very Betty, Netflix find.

From Time to Time (2009):

A haunting ghost story spanning two worlds, two centuries apart. When 13 year old Tolly finds he can mysteriously travel between the two, he begins an adventure that unlocks family secrets laid buried for generations.(IMBD)

We've got trusted family retainers who say terribly frank things to cranky grande dames, stately homes in danger of being sold, an aga stove, toasting bread before the fire, offers of hot milk, a beloved granny, an old nursery...

It was practically perfect. The nicest bit was that I was able to watch it with my 13-year-old and when the granny comes onscreen, she perked up and said, "Oh! Maggie Smith!", which is sort of proof of being raised right, no?


  1. We like anime. Here are our top 3 family movies:

    Howl’s Moving Castle (2004). A Hayao Miyazaki anime film. When an unconfident young woman is cursed with an old body by a spiteful witch, her only chance of breaking the spell lies with a self-indulgent yet insecure young wizard and his companions in his legged, walking castle.

    Ponyo (2008). A Hayao Miyazaki anime film. An adventure about a five-year-old boy and his relationship with Ponyo, a goldfish princess who longs to become a human after falling in love with him.

    Steamboy (2004), A Katsuhior Otomo anime film. In 1860s Britain, a boy inventor finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly conflict over a revolutionary advance in steam power.

  2. Remains of the Day. It's the wrong period for Betty, but the sensibility (all that hidden longing!!) is on target. Plus, who can go wrong with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson?

  3. Letter from An Unknown Woman. Lots of longing from afar, and requires an entire box of tissues to stem the weeping at the end!

  4. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I wrote about it here.

  5. Betty approved pasttime! Major task! Want to come over and do my place next? ;o) All white. What colours did you choose? Have to check out that movie...