Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wait for Me! --Ice Skating

A continuing series of Neels-ian excerpts from the autobiography ("Wait for Me!") of Deborah Mitford, Duchess of Devonshire:

Muv and Farve were already proficient skaters; waltzing and elementary figure skating came easily to them, as they did to me. The afternoons on the ice were sheer joy. I had learnt to skate on a family holiday in Pontresina in 1930...and I found an unlikely partner in the middle-aged Conservative statesman Sir Samuel Hoare. We skated together...

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  1. Alas, no picture of them skating together, but I found one picture of Deborah on skates and four of Sir Samuel Hoare.

    1. Deborah Mitford ice skating in Switzerland.

    The same picture, torn out of the Guardian

    2. Sir Samuel Hoare at St Moritz

    3. The British Minister for India Samuel Hoare at ice skating in St. Moritz. 8th January 1934. Photograph.

    4. Samuel Hoare with his wife while skating in Switzerland, 31/12/1935

    5. 1935 Press Photo Sir Samuel Hoare British Foreign Minister Seeks Solace Skating

    Deborah and Sir Samuel Hoare were also mentioned in: Take Six Girls: The Lives of the Mitford Sisters
    Deborah who at St Moritz partnered the Conservative statesman Sir Samuel Hoare