Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cruise to a Medical Emergency

I was driving Pledge Five off to preschool this morning and was listening to the news on the radio about a man bleeding internally on a cruise ship off the coast of Washington State. The Coast Guard had to retrieve him* and deliver him safely to a hospital in Port Angeles.

Of course, I thought of my favorite nurse-aboard book, "Never While the Grass Grows" and the drama therein. It's not all handing out doses against sea-sickness and sunburn, fending off the drunken hands of boozy passengers. No. Sometimes an ectopic pregnancy is operated on whilst feelings of love are discovered.
"Love....exciting and new...We're semi-staffed....for emergency surgeries on you!"

Here's hoping that over the agonized yelps of a patient in peril, the medical crew of Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas had a little time to pitch some woo, as the kids say.

*The most interesting part of the radio broadcast (that the article doesn't even bother about) was when they talked about how the helicopter DOESN'T LAND on the cruise ship. It sends a rescue diver down with a basket and the diver (assuming he hasn't had to jump in the water for any dramatic reason) helps the person in the basket and away they go. If they asked me to do that I would just:  

"I'm fine internally bleeding."


  1. I found "Never While the Grass Grows" at the thrift store, but I never got into it. This was before I came here for reviews, of course. Ah well, maybe I'll find it again somewhere and give it another go.

  2. I cannot even imagine being transported in a basket! Boy, did I envy the ones on the top floor of our student housing highrise who "had to be rescued" by a ladder fire truck during a fire drill – which I missed completely. Rats! :o)

  3. Aside from the Norvo virus, helicopter extrction is the best reason ever to skip the cruise ships and stick to land tours, with the exception of a barge tour along rivers and canals, because they can pull over to the side in cities along the way.

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