Wednesday, February 15, 2017

March Madness Redux

We add a picture of a hot man to each one of these because we will soon need some soothing.
Go in peace, Betties.
Yes. We are doing this. Hopefully, I have sorted myself out a little better than the last time we attempted to figure out which Betty Book reigns supreme.

For one thing, I am using a spreadsheet which should help and I've broken The Canon into four brackets for ease of voting:

First, I want to make sure that everyone can access these brackets and in a few days we'll start voting on just one of them. I'm not planning on moving at too harried a pace (I'll put a new bracket up on Monday and close voting on the following Monday). I expect I'll post a link to our reviews page so that people can get a refresher if some of the titles are lost to the mists of your memory.

Your criteria for voting is up each individual Betty and I expect a lot of lobbying and persuasion to happen in the comments section here and, more probably, on the Facebook page. When you vote your comment should look like this, in that you post your winners:

Caroline's Waterloo
A Small Slice of Summer
Never the Time and the Place
etc., etc.

Comments about why you chose what you chose can go at the end. It's easier for me to sort out the votes when they're alone and clean-looking.

Remember, the first round should be pretty painless--I've tried to match books written from different eras--but it only gets harder as the days go on.

Let me know in these comments if it's complicated or something needs explaining or revising. Again, this post is not for VOTING on. We're giving a head's up and asking for feedback.

I'm excited to do this!


  1. Yes, let me at the ballot! I'm printing out the brackets and making notes already.

  2. Yay! This will be so much fun! Looking forward to some serious differences of opinion! Thank you! ❤️

  3. Barfing on His Brogues Bracket - Bwuahahahahahahaha!

  4. Betty Keira, you are truly A Girl in a Million. I am just going to keep reading the bracket titles until I stop guffawing, and then wipe this screen clean.