Monday, February 27, 2017

Round One, A Handful of A Levels Bracket

Your Consolation Man. "Hey Girl, I know you were passionate about the homocidal twins in Sun and Candlelight but you'll always have me."
First, the results from the Barfing on His Brogues Bracket. Not a ton of surprises (Caroline's Waterloo crushed The Bachelor's Wedding which was the only clean sweep) but I did have to break a tie between Emma's Wedding and Britannia All at Sea (choosing BAaS because, though I didn't LOVE it, I found it more memorable than EW).

Sister Peters in Amsterdam
The Fateful Bargain
Blow Hot, Blow Cold
An Old-fashioned Girl
Britannia All at Sea
Magic in Vienna
Dearest Love
Dearest Eulalia
When May Follows
The Girl With Green Eyes
Making Sure of Sarah
The Vicar's Daughter
Heidleberg Wedding
An Ordinary Girl
Caroline's Waterloo
The Final Touch

And now we charge onto the A Handful of A Levels Bracket! I want to remind all the Betties that they should feel free to jump into the voting whenever they want and to vote wherever they feel they can.

Everyone did a marvelous job of putting their votes in an easily digestable form: Votes first, comments last. I thank you greatly!

Here is the link to the Book Review Archive for Betties, like me, who need a refresher on some of the titles. Voting will close next Monday.

Vote away!