Monday, March 6, 2017

Results and The Hocked Locket Bracket

First things first. I tabulated the results of the first elimination round for A Handful of A Levels Bracket and, given the late Oscar unpleasantness, I can guarantee the results at least as well as Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

The winners from the the A Levels Bracket are as follows:

A Christmas Proposal
Wish With the Candles
Chain of Destiny
Three for a Wedding
A Suitable Match
Tulips for Augusta
Mistletow Kiss
Roses for Christmas
Fifth Day of Christmas
A Moon for Lavinia
A Girl Named Rose
Saturday's Child
The Most Marvelous Summer
A Gentle Awakening
When Two Paths Meet
The Magic of Living
Stormy Springtime (had no competition this week)

I had to break three ties.

  • Chain of Destiny over Tangled Autumn mostly because I like the beginning so well. A houseguide named Susannah Lightfoot is a lovely thought.

  • Roses for Christmas over A Matter of Chance because I enjoy that beginning so much too--munching apples in a barn and meeting that odious boy from your girlhood. Delicious.

  • The Most Marvelous Summer over The Course of True Love because Matilda's last name is ffinch. (There were more reasons, of course, but it is true that I love the double f.)

The most popular books from this bracket were Tulips for Augusta and A Gentle Awakening but there seemed to be a fair amount of uneven votes which suggests that this was an easier bracket than last time.

Now on to The Hocked Locket Bracket!

As always, vote on what you can. If you're just stumbling on our TUJD March Madness, feel free to hop right in. No worries if you can only vote on one or two of the match-ups.

You genius Betties have been marvelous using my preferred voting format (votes at the top and comments on the whys and wherefores afterward.)

And here's the Book Review Archive for any refreshers you need. Let the voting begin!