Monday, March 20, 2017

Results and The Barfing on His Brogues Bracket (Round 2)

The Imperiled Poppets Bracket results are in! As ever, I have already formatted the new bracket going forward but these are all the winners from the last round of voting. Stand-outs include Cassandra By Chance, Tabitha in Moonlight, Uncertain Summer and (one of my favorites) The Promise of Happiness.

Also known as
 "Becky and the Baron, the Hot, Hot Baron"

Always and Forever vs.
The Secret Pool
The Little Dragon vs.
The End of the Rainbow
The Hasty Marriage vs.
Stars Through the Mist
Discovering Daisy vs.
The Convenient Wife
Tabitha in Moonlight vs.
Uncertain Summer
Polly vs.
Cassandra By Chance
The Promise of Happiness vs.
Once For All Time
An Ideal Wife vs.
Damsel in Green
Roses Have Thorns vs.
bye--no match this week

There was one very painful tie I had to break and for this I consulted with my fellow Founding Betty, Betty Debbie. We chose The Secret Pool over Waiting for Deborah even though there is so much to love about the latter (the way the carpets change in the part of the house the old lady is kept, the old man who keeps caramels in his pockets and calls the heroine as wholesome as a loaf of bread...). The Secret Pool is quite focused and has an emotional heft that is hard to forget.

Now on to Round Two of The Barfing on His Brogues Bracket! Fewer books to weigh against each other but there is hardly any refuge from heartbreak going forward. I am trying to change out the books that get a bye each round, fyi. So one that got a pass last time I tried to cycle into another match-up even if the numbers were odd.

Here is our Book Reviews Archive for any plot refreshers. Again, I am loving you all for keeping your votes so easy to read.
Love and lardy cakes,
Betty Keira