Monday, April 3, 2017

Results and The Handful of A Levels Bracket (Round 2)

A thousand apologies, my Betties, for not letting the blog know (I told FB!) that I was taking a week's hiatus to escort the van Voorhees children on a cultural tour of San Fransisco for their half-term holidays. Bikes were ridden, ice cream consumed, family visited, boats boarded...We did it all.

The Barfing on His Brogues Bracket name now feels like an ironic joke. Pledge Four sickened for one eventful day and had an episode all over his tolerant aunt. Good thing he is so adorable.

I hated (HATED) to have to break one tie between Blow Hot, Blow Cold and An Old Fashioned Girl. I chose the latter because I love local folks conspiring to get Patience a job, her shapely legs, the blizzard, the dampening she gives the Professor's ego (taken from Betty Debbie's review):

Her (on silently setting down the tea tray in his study): I was told to make no noise...she added kindly, "I dare say you're busy with your book - is it about surgery?"
Him (I imagine a little pompously): Of course it is. It's a learned textbook - a sort of a reference book.
Her: Like Mrs. Beeton's cookery book - full of instructions about the best way to cook food, written by an expert.
Him: Is that a compliment?

The further into the voting we get, the fewer ties I want to break. (Hint, hint) It's so hard when there are things to love about each book going forward. 

EDIT: I just can't do it. After a morning of second-guessing and careful trawling of the record, I'm giving it to Blow Hot, Blow Cold instead of An Old-Fashioned Girl. To those that are sad, I offer you the wild-card round!

One of the books that was a real loss to me was Making Sure of Sarah (falling to The Vicar's Daughter). I knew it could not hold out for long against books that come earlier in The Canon and are full-length novels. But I loves it, anyway.

The only book to come away with no votes was When May Follows against The Girl with Green Eyes.

Here are the results and how the bracket will be configured for the next round. I decided to give Caroline a bye this week because who are we kidding...
The Professor Baron is not kidding.

Sister Peters in Amsterdam vs.
An Old-Fashioned Girl
Magic in Vienna vs.
Dearest Love
The Girl With the Green Eyes vs.
The Vicar's Daughter
An Ordinary Girl vs.
A Girl to Love
Caroline's Waterloo (bye--no match up this week)

Now onto The Handful of A Levels Bracket (Round Two). Enjoy the handwringing and heartbreak ahead...

Here's the link to the Book Review Archive for reference.