Monday, April 10, 2017

Results and The Hocked Locket Bracket (Round 2)

Voting must have been difficult for The Handful of A Levels Bracket since there wasn't a book that didn't get at least a handful of votes and, in the comments I found some impassioned pleading. (Betty Melody about the doomed 'Saturday's Child': "Come on, people!") Going forward, I pushed 'The Magic of Living' into a match-up and will be giving 'A Gentle Awakening' a bye. I feel that Florina's lemonade escapade is bye-worthy.

Wish With the Candles vs.
The Chain of Destiny
Tulips for Augusta vs.
The Mistletoe Kiss
The Fifth Day of Christmas vs.
A Girl Named Rose
The Magic of Living vs.
Stormy Springtime
A Gentle Awakening (bye)

Now on to The Hocked Locket Bracket. It's really hitting me that after this round each of the brackets will be so small. I'll have to decide if I want to slip the Wildcard nominations at the end of Round 2 or Round 3 when, I suspect, some real weeping will being going on. So keep that in mind and let me know if you have a preference.
Thomas asks Isobel: 
'Why don't you want me to see that you wear the amber necklace?'

As ever, if you are new to The Uncrushable Jersey Dress (welcome!) you are more then welcome to pop into the voting at any time. (We've closed voting on the bracket you see above and are voting on the link that is just below it.) Again, feel free to vote for what you can, for any reason you want. We love to read your comments after you have posted your votes for the internal battle you had to fight inside yourself in order to vote the way you did. You may vote here or over on the Facebook page under the post. Happy voting, Betties!