Monday, May 8, 2017

Results and The Hocked Locket Bracket (Round 3)

There were some disturbances in the Betty-Force during the last round--some signs that our resolve is beginning to fray. A few of us were desolate about the exit of Blow Hot, Blow Cold. Another faction simmers while Rose Comely gets her day. It's all like this from here on out. The pickings are fat and some of it needs to be trimmed.

I volunteer as tribute.

The closest thing to a tie was between Tulips for Augusta (That opening bit on the private ward is sublime.) and The Mistletoe Kiss (The winner).

Wish With the Candles vs.
The Mistletoe Kiss
A Girl Named Rose vs.
A Gentle Awakening
The Magic of Living (bye)

Now let's sail our ship into the icy waters of The Hocked Locket Bracket! Lots of interesting match-ups there but I hesitate to tell you who I am rooting for. Being a Tie-Breaker is a little like being Zeus, seated in rock-like repose on Mount Olympus (...with a braided beard. That's how I'm imagining it), ready to hurl thunderbolts on unsuspecting mortals.

Betty Keira was not going to take the elimination
of her favorites lying down.