Thursday, May 17, 2012

Results and the Long-Anticipated Day of Justice

Final results for Round Two:
Confession: The more sloppy, hung-over and old he looks, the better I like him.

Saturday's Child bludgeoned Marrying Mary (unloved Mary...)
Only By Chance beat Uncertain Summer
Cassandra By Chance beat The Vicar's Daughter
The Mistletoe Kiss beat Stars Through the Mist
The Fortunes of Francesca beat Enchanting Samantha
Remember when GQ had men on their cover?  You know, real ones...

And all of that is very interesting indeed.  But I know what you've really been waiting for.
The Wildcard Round

I think the best way to do it is to list the ones you'd like to see back on the table in your posted comments.  Each Betty should submit their own complete list and, depending on how many are in contention, I'll decide to skim the ones with the most votes off the top.
This Wildcard is for Betty Debbie

So, for instance, if you're the only one who really, truly wants, say, Winter of Change in the mix, you should make your case so that other Bettys include it in their list as well.  
This Wildcard is for me.

I think I'm mentally aiming for 6 or so Wildcard entries so sharpen your claws and battle!