Thursday, May 17, 2012

Results and the Long-Anticipated Day of Justice

Final results for Round Two:
Confession: The more sloppy, hung-over and old he looks, the better I like him.

Saturday's Child bludgeoned Marrying Mary (unloved Mary...)
Only By Chance beat Uncertain Summer
Cassandra By Chance beat The Vicar's Daughter
The Mistletoe Kiss beat Stars Through the Mist
The Fortunes of Francesca beat Enchanting Samantha
Remember when GQ had men on their cover?  You know, real ones...

And all of that is very interesting indeed.  But I know what you've really been waiting for.
The Wildcard Round

I think the best way to do it is to list the ones you'd like to see back on the table in your posted comments.  Each Betty should submit their own complete list and, depending on how many are in contention, I'll decide to skim the ones with the most votes off the top.
This Wildcard is for Betty Debbie

So, for instance, if you're the only one who really, truly wants, say, Winter of Change in the mix, you should make your case so that other Bettys include it in their list as well.  
This Wildcard is for me.

I think I'm mentally aiming for 6 or so Wildcard entries so sharpen your claws and battle!


  1. VISITING CONSULTANT because Sophy stands on a box during operations, and stays on that box when the hospital catches fire around her, and remains on the box after Mr. Max orders her to leave, and returns to her office as soon as the flames are doused to begin inventory with the help of Staff, come in on her day off in purple trouser suit and a fox-fur hat. And when Staff throws a theatre gown atop her purple and fox-y self and pitches in, if you don't drop your book and clap your hands with glee... well, I pity you is I guess all I can say.

    Plus, when confronted with an inept student nurse named Robbins, Sophy stays calm and supportive, helps her over her rough spots, and is able to report after a few weeks that Robbins will make a fine nurse.

    Plus Max owns a socking great Bentley and a socking great Rolls.

    Plus: "Blot. Escutcheon or landscape?" "Landscape. We haven't got an escutcheon." I know Sophy's self-deprecating streak, which extends to made-up boyfriends and other silliness, can be a bit irritating, but she's keeping the whole family and a batman together. And if she's capable of whipping off a comeback that good, she deserves all the votes in the world.

    Plus Sophy's family eats enough macaroni cheese, cheese toast and quiche to give them all one massive coronary, yet they're all fit and smart and productive.

    That's another thing: great heroine family with characters who are more than plot devices.

    Please vote for Visiting Consultant/Surgeon from Holland/Blow Hot, Blow Cold. I'm sorry for shouting at the beginning.

    1. Seconding Visiting Consultant/Surgeon from Holland/Blow Hot, Blow Cold
      Betty Anonymous

  2. May I also suggest The Gentle Awakening as a candidate for wild-card status? Florina the cook may not face the stressors that our nursing heroines do, but she does deal with an inquisitive child, a foul fiancee, a wolfish Dutchman and a curdled Bechamel sauce with aplomb. And Wheel House has a window in the floor so you can watch the river gurgle by beneath it.

    It's also one of the few in which the heroine has Dutch blood, and Florina, 50% Dutch, has far more than any other. And then the RDD is English, and the slimy other-man-wannabe is Dutch. Way to twist a plot, Betty!

    And while this may not mean as much to you as it does to me, the warm-and-soothing-carbohydrate count in this one is insane -- matched only by Dearest Mary Jane, I believe.

  3. Uh, I don't mean to be the dull-witted Veronica here (oops, too much bosom and unruly hair so maybe I should go for the befuddled but pleasant if outrageously outspoken great aunt....), which ones are still in so I know which ones for which to push?--in addition to Heaven Is Gentle of course. (I would like to point out that Heaven Is as Gentle as Fate Is Remarkable. Just saying....)

  4. Betty Barbara here--
    I second Betty van den Betsy's nomination of The Gentle Awakening--Florina is awesome, especially when she dumps lemonade on the Veronica.
    Dearest Mary Jane ahhh--the tea shop, the fabric mice, the rotten relatives, the lard-throwing. Such a feel good book.
    Not to be confused with
    Dearest Love. How can you not vote for a book with a very competent heroine who wishes for a plunger? One of my favorite Betty books. I loved how she very calmly turned the basement flat into a comfy retreat. And of course she has a cat and rescues a dog. And totally befuddles Titus(our hero) His proposal is an abrupt, poorly phrased offering. Poor Titus. Great stuff.

    And now to second Betty JoDee's request. Specifically, is Magic of Living eligible for the wild card round or is it safely through so far??

  5. So, The Magic of Living is still in play so we don't need to Wildcard that.

    As per typing out the entire list of safe and unsafe Neels', I have another less-alarming-to-me idea: If you ask me here, I'll let you know as soon as possible.

    I am unfortunately rather surly and doing-the-rough-with-a-cig-Maise this afternoon due to the pledges of affection being absolute toads along with a niece that I'm watching (2 of them are in diapers with all that that means) and my life has devolved rather precipitously into 'The Five Cents of Licorice' skit. And they're complaining about being outside on the nicest day Oregon has to offer!

    End Rant.

    1. My sakes, woman, you have been doing a *whole lot* of work. I didn't realize how much until I compiled this list of all the disqualified titles. I expect people to vote for Visiting Consultant in appreciation of my effort:

      Nurse in Holland. (ten votes to none)
      Tempestuous April
      Damsel in Green
      Tangled Autumn
      The Fifth Day of Christmas
      Wish with the Candles
      Victory for Victoria's nose.
      Winter of Change
      Three for a Wedding
      The Gemel Ring
      A Star Looks Down
      Cobweb Morning
      Heaven is Gentle
      The Edge of Winter.
      Grasp a Nettle (no votes!).
      A Matter of Chance.
      The Hasty Marriage
      Britannia All at Sea
      Philomena's Miracle
      Sun and Candlelight
      Midnight Sun's Magic
      Last April Fair
      When May Follows
      The Silver Thaw
      Heaven Around the Corner
      All Else Confusion
      Roses and Champagne
      Never Too Late (Yay! This was a happy result for me!)
      Year's Happy Ending
      Heidelberg Wedding
      A Summer Idyll (one vote)
      Magic in Vienna
      Two Weeks to Remember
      Stormy Springtime
      The Doubtful Marriage
      The Course of True Love
      Paradise for Two
      No Need to Say Goodbye (3)
      Hilltop Tryst (3)
      A Suitable Match (3)
      The Girl With Green Eyes (0)
      The Most Marvelous Summer (2)
      A Kind of Magic
      An Unlikely Romance
      A Happy Meeting
      The Awakened Heart
      Odds with Love
      The Proposal
      Waiting for Deborah (that was a tough one for many of us)
      A Christmas Wish
      Wedding Bells for Beatrice
      The Bachelor's Wedding (no votes)
      The Right Kind of Girl
      A Kiss For Julie
      A Christmas Proposal
      The Daughter of the Manor
      Love Can Wait
      An Ideal Wife
      A Winter Love Story
      An Innocent Bride
      A Christmas Romance
      Always & Forever
      An Independent Woman
      The Doctor’s Girl
      Emma’s Wedding
      Never Say Goodbye
      Blow Hot, Blow Cold/Visiting Consultant
      At the End of the Day
      Never the Time and the Place
      A Girl in a Million
      Dearest Mary Jane
      A Secret Infatuation
      Fates Takes a Hand
      Dearest Love
      A Girl Named Rose
      The Secret Pool
      Off with the Old Love
      A Gentle Awakening
      When Two Paths Meet
      A Little Moonlight
      Romantic Encounter
      The Quiet Professor
      The Little Dragon
      A Valentine for Daisy
      Not Once But Twice
      Dearest Eulalia
      An Ordinary Girl
      Midsummer Star
      The Fateful Bargain
      The Chain of Destiny
      The Convenient Wife
      Making Sure of Sarah
      The Final Touch

      Of course, as per, I don't guarantee accuracy!

    2. Oh bless your heart! I just couldn't face it--though the sense of niggling guilt was about to drive me there. Virtual Betty Hugs!

    3. The Little Dragon?!? The Little Dragon got booted?!? How did that happen?!? This is gross injustice on the scale of Daffy's always getting the blame for calamities to Bugs, the curse of the Bambino for the Cubbies' perpetual basement standings, Betty for South American plane crashes....Oh wait, I had better work on my argument a bit....

    4. Great new pic, Betty Keira! What's the occasion?

      I hope the pledges have been transformed into princelings today.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Okay, better grammar this time:
      I'm in the pink on the right and Betty Kylene is in the gorgeous, grey light-weight wool on the left. Both hand-crafted, naturally. We're at the ward Christmas party. And, if I recall correctly, I was run off my feet in a very helping-at-the-village-fete-and-waiting-for-the-RDD-to-rescue-me-from-the-cocoa-urn way that night, not swanning around looking decorative.

      And, I actually have two accounts that I use when I comment (depending on what I've been working on), so the other picture might just be on the other account.

    7. Oh definitely Blow Hot Blow Cold/Visiting Consultant, even though I voted against it by a hair. Also:
      Wish With the Candles (one of my faves!)
      The Secret Pool
      The Hasty Marriage (another favorite)

    8. Betty van den Betsy, thank you for compiling the list. Where would we be without you!
      Betty Anonymous

    9. Seconding Betty Lulu's
      Blow Hot Blow Cold/Visiting Consultant and
      The Hasty Marriage
      Betty Anonymous

    10. Seconding Betty Lulu's The Secret Pool.
      Betty Anonymous

    11. I was reading the list of wildcards but I don't know Nurse in Holland. Does it have another title? I thought it might have been Tempestuous April but that one is listed underneath it so I'm a bit confused. Can anyone help? Cheers,

    12. Betty Carla,
      Amazon in an Apron (1969) aka A Match for Sister Maggy / Nurse in Holland.

      In doubt about a title or year of first publishing? See the list of the collected works of Betty Neels
      The Undefinitive Neels Canon - Book Review Archive
      (right here on this page below Home)
      Betty Anonymous

  6. I don't remember who all the winners and losers are, but I love Dearest Mary Jane also.

    Betty von Susie

  7. I'm being greedy, assuming that all of you will want these same books!!

    The Final Touch
    The Convenient Wife
    Dearest Love
    Hasty Marriage
    Sun and Candlelight
    The Secret Pool
    and yes, Visiting Consultant

    1. Yay, Opramum! And Dearest Love will be on my final nominee list, for sure.

    2. I second
      The Final Touch
      The Convenient Wife
      The Hasty Marriage
      Betty Anonymous

    3. And yes, seconding Visiting Consultant
      Betty Anonymous

    4. Seconding The Secret Pool.
      Betty Anonymous enjoying the Wild Card Round

  8. I have only two. TWO. So everyone pay attention.

    Damsel in Green -- This is a classic. First, it's got the whole, "You're not wearing uniform" as the reason for a kiss. Second, the hero actually has a viable reason for not proposing on page 23. Third, the Veronica is worthy of her status, and she gets her comeuppance. Finally, the title is wonderful, as it reminds us that Julius finds Georgie "intoxicating."

    Wish With the Candles -- Not as classic as Damsel in Green, but right up there for two classic scenes, both in the operating theatre. I love competent heroines, and Emma is as good as it gets. She lasts through appendicitis (and the fulminating looks of the hero, who didn't buy the "I don't feel quite myself" excuse) just so the patient could have a chance. I ♥ Emma! And the ending...*sigh* pure angsty goodness.

    Yeah, okay, so I read these in chronological order because I would buy then when they were released in the U.S. back in the 1970s. I have some faves from the later Canon, and there are some early Canon entries that are duds (Fifth Day of Christmas, I'm looking at you!) but I didn't go all knee-jerk on you and insist that Victory for Victoria make it back into the mix.

    These two, though, are different and special and classic and I'll cry if I don't get a chance to vote for them again.

  9. (((((Betty M)))))

    If we're voting for our faves (and I could be wrong here, since I barely understand the use of the brilliant English on this blog), I choose the one with Sadie who had to work her fingers to the bone in her own cute cottage for a tyrant with two daughters and a horrible Miss Murch The Evil Governess.

    Betty Francesa

    1. That's A Girl to Love, and it's still in the voting pool, I believe. Betty Keira will perhaps confirm?

      And it's a wonderful book!

    2. It IS still in the voting pool. That one's safe!

  10. I have 5 I want to nominate.

    1) Dearest Love - I adore this book. I love every bit of it from the opening letter applying for a job to the BABY at the end. Wonderful story. Please oh please.

    2) Ordinary Girl - There is just something so special about this book. They look at each other, and that's it. It takes my breath away every time I read it.

    3) A Christmas Romance - I know this one by heart. There is something special about Theodosia and how she cheerfully endures a lonely, penny pinching life. Then the wonderful Hugo appears. Just love it.

    4) Convenient Wife - I cry when Granny dies. I love the necklace at the end. Just a good one all around.

    5) Dearest Mary Jane - Bless Mary Jane and her pitiful, carefully mended wardrobe. It's just a sweet one that always makes me happy when she isn't alone anymore.

    I know I had one more in mind, but I'm rather braindead tonight. And of course, my list is at home....

    Betty AnoninTX in Utah pecking away on her phone when she should be in bed

    1. Seconding The Convenient Wife
      Betty Anonymous

  11. Holland Nursing continuously has interesting jobs available for foreign nurses with and without specialist areas.
    What can you expect from us?

    * A suitable job
    * Objective information about living and working in the Netherlands
    * A fair and proper contract
    * Suitable housing
    * Courses in the Dutch language
    * Handling of your registration as nurse in the Netherlands
    * Advice in the areas of taxation and insurance
    * Opportunities for additional training
    * A pension scheme

    See, it's quite easy. And we doubtful Thomasinas thought it was more complicated in real life than in Neelsdom.
    Betty Anonymous

    1. This is HILARIOUS. Do you think Holland Nursing read Betty Neels and came up with the idea because, except for guarantees of bumping into a titled vast RDD, all the other enticements are lifted straight from Neelsdom?

  12. So, I just want to remind everyone that they can vote as often as they like. When they are persuaded by, say, Betty JoDee that The Little Dragon was done ill by, they can hop on and second that motion and do that for each different book they like as far as I care...

    Also, I plan to leave this voting post up until next Tuesday at least so that we can have a catharsis of justice. After that I'll have to hammer away at the brackets and that may take a bit of time/work/finesse in order to get all the books seeded correctly... So, cross your fingers that we're going to have this show on the road in the not too distant future!

    1. Remember, you can vote as often as you like! Up until next at least - that's tomorrow. (At least?) You can vote for each title that anybody nominated. So if three Bettys nominated the same title and you want that title to get a wild card than you should second each of the three nominations.
      Betty Anonymous

    2. That should have been Up until next Tuesday at least - that's tomorrow.

  13. Dearest Love - yes yes yes

    Betty von Susie

  14. Wait. BLOW HOT, BLOW COLD didn't make it the first time? Seriously?

    Okay, then I'm with Betty van der Betsy -- that's a MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE (worthy of shouting about, yes it is) that must be undone.

    I'd have listed it first if it were that "Visiting Consultant" means nothing to me, and I really did think it had gotten through.

  15. I might have one or two more to add, but here's 4 to get started with:

    Dearest Love - I absolutely adore Arabella...and her plunger request.
    Blow Hot, Blow Cold - (see Betty van den Betsy's comment, she covered the bases quite well)
    Dearest Mary Jane - let's give some props to one of the few small business owners in the canon!
    The Secret Pool - come on ladies, this is the only Neels book to make me cry.

    1. Hey, I overlooked this. How did that happen? Seconding Blow Hot, Blow Cold/Visiting Consultant and
      The Secret Pool The little mouse-bride. Cute!!! Sadest story in Neelsdom. Forgot: Another hero suffering terribly (though for a different and far worse reason than Reilof) and being nasty as a consequence.
      Betty Anonymous

  16. Betty Barbara again--
    Seconding Betty Magdalen's nomination of Wish With The Candles.

  17. Betty Barbara yet one more time--
    Confessing my (age related) ignorance of today's hotties--
    Betty Keira, just who are the two gentlemen you picked for your sister and yourself?

  18. I'll answer...Betty Keira picked Chris Pine for herself and Aamir Khan for me. Chris Pine was in the Star Trek movie that came out a couple of years ago (loved him in it). Aamir Khan is a Bollywood star (I really like him in Like Stars on Earth - watch it if you get a chance), he's not as handsome as Chris Pine, but he is a bit more age appropriate for me.

    1. None of these men is age-appropriate for me (if we're going age-appropriate, I really couldn't do better than Betty Ross, but if pressed, I'll admit I wouldn't kick Bill Nighy out of bed for eating crackers).

      Nonetheless, could I request a photo of Oded Fehr...just because?

      Thanks awfully.

    2. Oh, THAT Bill Nighy!!!

      Oh yes oh my.

      I LOVED him on a PBS rendition recently, or was it BBCA?

      It was a modern short series and he played an important guy up in the government...the deets are fuzzy. But there was murder and intrique. He had an intelligent daughter and divorced remarried wife.

      Anyone remember it?

      He was very very handsome and very very intelligent in that one. Soooo attractive. (even if he is a bit "old" according to some).

      I also remember him playing in another series as a newspaper publisher, but it wasn't as "sexy" as the other series.

      Betty Francesca.

    3. Re: Bill Nighy

      Has anyone besides me seen him in Wild Target? (available to watch on Netflix streaming

    4. Betty Barbara here--
      Betty Francesca, I believe the show you are thinking of is "Page Eight" from 2011. Nighy plays an MI5 officer. He was also in a mini series where he played a politician; it was called "State of Play"(originally broadcast in 2003). The news story is an oldie--called (are you ready for it?) "Making News". It's from 1990.

      Betty Debbie--Yes! Wild Target!! Worth watching.

    5. Bill Nighy was also in "Love Actually"where he played an aging rock star - very funny role and his latest "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" also starring Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and Tom Wilkinson.

    6. I'm going to stream Wild Target this weekend. Bill Nighy is also in I Capture the Castle, a lovely movie made from a wonderful book.

  19. The Hasty Marriage Ladies, have a little compassion. Nasty Reilof is the only Neels hero who gets jilted right before our very eyes. And he does not take it well. He is the only Neels hero who suffers right before our very eyes.
    The Silver Thaw Fishing in Norway.
    Year’s Happy Ending No doctor, no nurse. Thunderstorm in Portugal
    At the End of the Day She "had been more or less engaged for a year or more". He has a son. She acquires a poor skinny kitten. Haec olim meminisse iuvabit. Trip to Friesland. ♫ Frysk bloed tsjoch op... ♫
    The Convenient Wife Bomb blast at Woolworth’s. Glass splinter in her forearm.
    The Final Touch MOC with twin daughters. The whole household conspiring against Eunice, the evil model stepsister.
    Betty Anonymous

    1. Betty Barbara here--
      Oh my yes, The Hasty Marriage! How did I fail to mention that one?
      Sorry, Betty JoDee, but I really like this one and I am not ashamed to say so.

    2. I'll add my vote for The Hasty Marriage and Year's Happy Ending.

    3. NO NO NO Nasty Reilof!!! I beg you!!!

    4. Too bad! I begged first.
      Betty Anonymous

  20. Choices:
    Heaven is Gentle (well, duh)
    Damsel in Green--only Neels in which the RDD has a legitimate and completely understandable reason for not flinging himself at the girl plus Julius is a total darling (even, if weirdly, the kids are oddly shunted away in later books...)
    Nurse in Holland (I love the opening scenes)
    Victory for Victoria (best opening scene to translate to a movie)
    The Gemel Ring (I've loved this one forever)
    The Little Dragon (best reason to willingly suspend disbelief)
    The Edge of Winter (have to go with beastly Dutch oaths)

    Blow Hot, Blow Cold/Visiting Consultant (this is a NO vote, not because I don't love it but because I won't waste one of my votes on this one since it will have enough votes from others to get in--I'm gaming the system)

    Honorable Mentions (because I can't stand to leave them off):
    At the End of the Day (I really like the relationship in this one--somehow seems more equal--the awful cover shot notwithstanding)
    Dearest Mary Jane (love that plunger and baby)
    A Gentle Awakening (effect of lemonade on bottle blondes)
    The Convenient Wife (a nicely paced growing romance between a darling young woman and an emotionally inert man)

    I would like to add that this voting is like chopping off body parts (except for the glorious spa treatment of not voting for Nasty Reilof).

    1. Hey, Betty JoDee -- Not to put you on the spot, but...okay, yes, to put you on the spot...when are you bringing the royal family to see Betty Ross and me?

      (And also to up the comment count just for Betty van den Betsy's amusement.)

    2. The comment count on this one is actually trounced by one a few weeks ago when you careened off on the subject of Bronson Pinchot's shenanigans in your town, leading a merry band to speculate and sympathize. On and after March 16, I believe that was.

    3. We're not done here, though -- I think that post topped out at 66 comments and this will be comment #60, so we can do it. And if I could just get Betty JoDee here to discuss publicly her vacation plans... (kidding) (sort of)

      And yes, everyone should be sympathetic that I live in a town with a wild man...and a camera crew. LOL

    4. I would like to second Betty Jo Dee's Honorable Mention (because I can't stand not to):
      At the End of the Day
      Even though I'm afraid this vote doesn't count.
      ℬetty Anonymous

    5. How did Betty Anonymous get a little fancy script font for her "B"?

      I was just doing sums on the underside of my uniform trying to work out the off-duty: the school term for the Consequences of Brighton ends on June 7; the Queen Dowager returns to Balmoral on the 8th; June 9 finds me and the Princess Royal with 200,000 of our closest Girl Guide BFFs on the National Mall; Professor van der Hertenzoon lectures at the Olympic Academy in Athens for the last two weeks of June; The Heir and the Spare spend a week camping somewhere ominously named "Wilderness" June 10-16 (if they pass the 30-lb, 6 miles in 3 hours at 5:45 a.m. tramp this Saturday)--so...I'm thinking that maybe the Princess Royal, the Littlest Princess, and I could maybe pop up for a couple of days while the RDD and his male progeny are away (15-16)?

      Plus, are we going to try to meet up with Betty Barbara and Betty Margaret to celebrate the Jubilee with tea? (The CofB are still in school the first week of June.)

    6. All those dates sound good. I may have a problem getting away before June 5 (that's when my last bunch of homework is due) but if someone uses the words "high tea" I may just have to make it work. But after the 5th, all dates (almost all dates) are open. Pick a hot sunny day and we'll loll by the pool...

      ℬetty Magdalen

    7. Okay wait one [insert beastly Dutch oath here] minute, so how did Betty Magdalen get the cool font script for her "B"? Where's Betty Barbara when you need her?

    8. It's so simple, even you can do it, ℬetty JoDee:

      Highlight any of the cursive B's you see here, hit CTRL-C for copy and then CTRL-V for paste into your comment.

      ℬetty Magdalen, who really has to credit ℬetty Anonymous, who had the tougher job of figuring out to do it in the first place.

    9. ℬetty JoDee can copy and paste with the best of them....

    10. ℬetty JoDee: Our newly-crowned Queen of the C&P!

    11. ℬetty Anonymous, looking for a non-existent symbol, found these really cool sites for all kinds of symbols:

      ℬ ℰ ℯ ℱ ℊ ℋ ℎ ℐ ℒ ℓ ℳ ℴ ℘ ℛ
      ℭ ℮ ℌ ℑ ℜ ℨ ℂ ℍ ℕ ℙ ℚ ℝ ℤ
      These are, unfortunately, the only letters they have. Some of the lovely letters are shown on the page as capital letters but turn out to be lowercase. The ℳ for ℬetty ℳagdalen for example.


      ℬetty Anonymous

    12. That's so ℂℴℴℒ!

      ℬetty ℳagdalen

  21. So, assuming I can't vote ten times for VC/SfH/BH,BC, I'm going with:

    Blow Hot, Blow Cold/Surgeon from H/Visiting C - see above
    Dearest Mary Jane - fabulous warm-scone count, plus a great country-house dance or two
    A Gentle Awakening - see above
    Damsel in Green - concur with Betty Magdalen
    Wish with the Candles - ditto

    My runners-up are:
    Tangled Autumn - just love that causeway
    A Summer Idyll - so many idyllic scenes of lying about on the lawn with the newspapers, plus the heroine standing up to the Veronica when she comes to stay for a surprise visit
    Waiting for Deborah - don't even remember why
    A Christmas Romance - hero tells off great-aunts
    Making Sure of Sarah - "malodorous" - love it!

  22. BTW, is this post the record-holder for number of comments?

  23. I vote one million votes each for each of the books I nominated. :-)

    Betty AnoninTX

    And one million against the nasty marriage....

    1. Yeah, well, too bad (!!!), Betty AnoninTXinCO. That's not how it works. Or I would vote two million for it, against your one million So there.
      Betty Anonymous typing with glee

    2. I'm pretty sure "times infinity" doesn't help. "Times a googolplex" is better. No, it's nothing to do with Google the search engine. It's just a VERY BIG NUMBER. The point is, it's a finite VERY BIG NUMBER.

      But in any event, I suspect our official NBAA official, Betty Keira, is going to stick to numbers she can work on her calculator.

    3. I was reverting to my childhood fallback...the next response is 'infinity times infinity'. Then comes 'infinity times infinity plus one'. We did pull out the googolplex at times, but infinity just sounds better. They even named a car after it - which you can't say about the googolplex.

    4. and then comes - I'm telling mom!

    5. Mom's response: I'll give you a googolplex. Up to your room!