Saturday, May 12, 2012

Round Two: The Best Man

Our results from the Latin Gigolos Face-Off  was a little surprising:
Val "I'll be your wingman, anytime" Kilmer would make a great Best Man at a loveless wedding and muddy the waters considerably when Sarah Araminta Daisy Darling Comely is found weeping on his jacket...

Nanny By Chance beat The Fateful Bargain
Discovering Daisy beat The Chain of Destiny
A Good Wife beat The Convenient Wife (as it would, I suppose)
Roses Have Thorns carried off the title in the three-way grudge match between that and Making Sure of Sarah (which I love!  Didn't get one vote.  (sniff)) and The Final Touch

All but Roses Have Thorns came later in the canon than the one's they beat out.  I shall start calling that era 'When Betty Got Her Grove Back'...
Kevin has a large Dutch castle, rather too much mahogany furniture, a sad romantic past and a heart full of love...

Now on to voting between the last sections of Round Two.  (Next time I'll be asking for Wildcard nominations!) These are drawn from sections 2 and 12:

Saturday's Child vs. Marrying Mary
Uncertain Summer vs. Only By Chance
Cassandra By Chance vs. The Vicar's Daughter
Stars Through the Mist vs. The Mistletoe Kiss
Enchanting Samantha vs. The Fortunes of Francesca

Can't wait to seen how this shakes out!  After the Wildcard Picks are agreed upon, I'll spend a week in seclusion, hammering out a bracket and cursing under my breath--in a lady-like manner, Bettys, I assure you!

Kunal is happily married to Rose Francesca Tait fford and offers nothing but platonic advice.  But you'll take it.