Saturday, June 2, 2012

Betty in the National Parks, Part 1

Here is the first entry for a chance to win a coveted item from The Betty Neels Collection!

This is the first of a 4 part series by Betty AnoninTX.  I plan to post one each day around noon. 
-Betty Debbie

Hello all!  This is Betty AnoninTX.  My PRT (poor retired teacher, as opposed to RDD) husband and I love national parks and monuments, and we plan our vacations around visiting the parks.  We love mountains and streams and waterfalls and snow and wildlife, such as you would find in Yellowstone.  So where did we go on this trip?  The deserts and canyons of Utah.  In 2008 Wall Arch in Arches National Park collapsed.  When I read that news release, I immediately knew we needed to go before another one was lost.  We finally made it!  Someone on the blog suggested I take Betty in the Wild photos.  Unfortunately I did not read that until *after* we left the Grand Canyon, but Betty did go there too for part of the day.  It wasn't really part of the vacation, but who could be near the Grand Canyon without at least stopping for a few hours? We had a great trip, and I hope you enjoy some of the photos.  I will say that I had a few strange looks.  I just smiled and said "it's for a book challenge" and posed anyway.

The first park Betty visited was Zion NP.  Julie and Simon (A Kiss for Julie) posed against the red rocks at the bottom of Checkerboard Mesa.  I wish I had taken them along to the Weeping Rock or to Lower Emerald Pool, for better pictures, but I forgot.  This was our second trip to Zion NP, and it is truly a stunning place.  We stayed in a cabin at Zion Lodge and loved it.

After we left Zion, we drove through Cedar Breaks National Monument.  It wasn't open for the season yet.  There was snow on the ground still, and it was extremely windy and cold.  I unfortunately left Julie and Simon in the truck when we walked to the viewpoint behind the visitor center, and they did not pose for a photo here.  Standing on a cliff, looking down at the hoodoos still covered a bit in snow, was quite amazing.

Speaking of hoodoos...  The third stop we made was Bryce Canyon NP.  I cannot express how incredibly beautiful this place is.  We stayed at the Lodge, and it was just yards to the edge of an amphitheater.  A hoodoo is a tall, skinny rock caused by erosion.  The colors range from oranges and reds to browns and white.  The amphitheaters full of the hoodoos are stunning.  Julie and Simon were as close to the edge as I dared to get because I am a big chicken.