Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Very Betty News Story

An alert Betty (Betty AnoninTX) spotted this totally Betty-worthy story in the Daily Mail. Enjoy:

Saving grace: Arleta was crossing the Oxford Canal near Banbury when she heard the helpless whimpers of the puppy and came to her rescue


  1. That was one cute little pup!

    B von S

  2. Thank you, Betty AnoninTX! What a great story with which to begin the week. Interesting that the news story doesn't mention whether the woman suffered any deleterious effects from her swim... And I'm guessing, with a name like that, that our heroine did not grow up in Dorset.

  3. What a cute little puppy! What a great rescue! Thank you, Betty AnoninTX, for sharing this with us!

  4. And the name -- either Chilly or Hope -- is so completely Betty-worthy! :)

  5. I am glad you enjoyed it! The story lacked a RDD/RBD, but it was still a good Betty story! Love that precious little pup.

    Betty AnoninTX