Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, February 25th
The Fifth Day of Christmas
Twenty-nine year old RDD, snowed in, mass inoculations.  


  1. That's a very pretty girl in the picture. Does she look like our heroine?


  2. Just recently read this one so that's providential!!!

  3. Her hair is too short.
    Julia swept her long black hair impatiently on one side the better to see him.
    Not that Julia looked in the least like a nanny—indeed, just the opposite, with her almost black hair and great brown eyes with their preposterously long lashes. Her mouth was a little large perhaps, but beautifully shaped and her nose was straight, with the merest hint of a tilt at its tip. She was well above average height, nicely rounded and refreshingly and completely natural. She was just twenty-two ...

  4. The RDD looks much older than 29 too!!

  5. Cover looks like young Sandra Bullock. But seeing as it came out in 1971 and S.B. would have been ten years old then... probably not based on her. Do we know for sure that covers were inspired by real people like Princess Di and the Moonlight book? I've noticed a lot of old celebrity similarities, Like Donna Reed in The End of the Rainbow ( the guy looks like Greg Peck). Or Samantha Eggert on Pineapple Girl (this guy is a dead ringer for Jeff Foxworthy - but the cover's way before his time). Sophia Loren on When May Follows. Sarah Ferguson (former wife of Prince Andrew) on Chain of Destiny. I think we came up with a bunch of these including the guys a while back...
    I know there's one with Cary Grant and Stephanie Zimbalist, can't remember the book. Oh, yes I do! Two Weeks to Remember. Ha Ha Ha.
    And Karen Carpenter's on The Little Dragon, poor girl.

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  7. Hi Betty Mary,

    Well, I never read anything specific stating the covers were based on these people but the resemblances are so striking, I just always assumed they were! :)

    Betty Bernadette

  8. I think the couple on "When May Follows" look like David Janssen and Jaclyn Smith.

    B von S