Friday, February 8, 2013

Betty Mail...

This past week we've received emails from 2 different Bettys.  I'm posting both of them here - even though they don't have that much in common.  Make sure you read on down so that you get both letters! We'll start with Betty Magdalen's (which is time sensitive):

Hi, Founding Bettys. Any chance you can run the attached post & attached photo over the weekend? Voting ends on Sunday (February 10th). Thanks.
Love in Reality is up for Best Cover in the Judge a Book By Its Cover contest. Pick SINGLE TITLE -- and mine should be halfway along!
Betty Magdalen

I think the cover is adorable, as is the book.  Take a moment and vote for our first (non-family/close friend) follower!
Now read on, for some fun (and fascinating) links to articles about some vast Dutchmen!

Hello Bettys;
I love your blog and have been enjoying it so much!  Until I found your site I thought I was alone in my love of Neels' (my mom listens to my enthusiasm with amusement but isn't a romance reader) so it's wonderful to learn that I'm one of many who appreciate her special brand of genius.  Thank you for all the work and time you put into the blog!
I ran into a few articles that I thought might be more significant to you ladies than to my mom. :)
Land of the Giants: Dutch Tower over Americans [sounds familiar - I wouldn't mind having a Dutchman tower over me*lol*].
Dutch reach new heights
And here is the site for Holland's Dutch Tall People Club (it's in Dutch, of course, but I still enjoyed it).
Have you ever thought about having a Dutch Dictionary on your site?  Just basic words! ;)
Thank you-
Hopeless Romantic


  1. I just went and voted for Betty Magdalen's book! I have to say, it has by far the cutest cover. By. Far.

    Good luck!!!

    1. You are so sweet. I want the cover to win because my cover designer, Laura Morrigan, is so phenomenally talented. And for the free publicity. LOL

      Here's the cute story about how we found her. Betty Ross looked at a long list of graphic designers, then set up a "blind taste test" as it were. He showed me the five best, but only their covers for other books--nothing about them personally. Laura's covers were so witty and attractive, I had no trouble picking hers out as the ones I liked the best.

      Turns out, she is an author too. Her mysteries debut this summer. But she won't have herself as a cover designer, which I think is a shame.

      Thanks again, Betty Debbie! It's an honor to be your first (non-family/non-friend) follower.

  2. Thank you for the Dutch giants links, Betty Hopeless Romantic. I have read the articles and clicked my way through the Klub Lange Mensen link. Very interesting. The doctor who helped revise their medical guide, Dokter Odink( R.J.H. Odink, the R stands for Roel!) is een van Neerlands meest vooraanstaande endocrinologen, one of the Netherlands' foremost endocrinologists.

    'That is Professor Cator, miss — Alexander Cator, Lady Manderly's nephew and a very famous man in his field of learning.' 'Oh, what sort of learning?' 'Endocrinology, miss. He's considered to be a very clever gentleman.' And a nasty bad-tempered one too, thought Jemima... (A Dream Came True)

    And there was a link for the trailer of the movie Tall Girls, I enjoyed watching that. Tall girls indeed.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them, Betty Anonymous!

      And thanks so much for the translation, that's awesome! A real-life Betty doctor. :)

      -Hopeless Romantic

    2. I thought it funny that he had a Betty name, Roel (short for Roelof). He takes a special interest in diabetes in children. And in his spare time he likes to drive – no, not a socking Bentley – classic Land Rovers, and he likes to restore them and keep them going, so to speak.