Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, April 8th.
A Happy Meeting
Evil stepmother, blizzard rescue, proposal in a soliciter's office.


  1. Betty Barbara here--

    Ah, one of my "favorite" covers! I'm just lovin' the mini-skirt, the collar-less blouse with the padded shoulders and one of the ugliest up-swept hairdos ever inflicted on a cover model.

  2. I resemble that remark. I've done that french braid/messy twist updo many times. I guess I'll have to do my sock bun more often.

    And what's up with Dan Quayle and Hilary(with a red rinse)Clinton on the cover. I've got nothing against Danforth, I'm sure Marilyn thinks he's a hunk, but he's just not Aldrik. Not Vast or weathered enough for me. But I can see the Hilary connection - 'a small girl with no looks, too thin,...her eyes were beautiful..."

  3. The French-braid-upsweep was the Army Style du Jour during much of the 80s and 90s - fit well under the soft cap, didn't get tangled in helmet linings, and a tight braid could get you through a showerless week in the field. Alas, the advent of the vile beret made this hairstyle impractical, the only updo that works with a beret is the bun at the nape of the neck.