Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, April 15th

Polly (Harlequin Romance, No 2656)
20 year old Polly, scholarly surgeon, Laura Ashley dress (deserving of a medal).


  1. Dear Polly. Latin & Greek. Πολλυ? Ha ha. Looks like Victoria Principal on the cover. And too old for 20 years of age.

  2. Why does the 16 year age gap seem much more creepy at 20???

    1. It would not have seemed creepy to me at 20. Because at 20 you still have your whole life before you, anything seems possible. But, looking back now, I can say I was nowhere near being fully grown up at 20 and, at the time, I did not think I was either. So when a man in his mid-thirties who has seen something of life snatches up an innocent of twenty ...
      Still, I am not against large age gaps ...

  3. Nor me! There was 12 years between me and my first love. I do hope Polly and Sam lived happily ever after :)

  4. Nor me! :)

    My husband and I were married when I was 23 and he was 35. It really didn't seem like a big difference at the time, and it's even less so now that I am 53 and he's 65. The worse thing is that many people think we're the same age! (He's quite youthful-looking. LOL)


  5. Nor me! I was 23 and my husband was 37 when we fell in love...we married a couple years later. It always worried him more than me. I don't think he was looking for young and innocent...if anything, he married me despite my age, not because of it. We're still together a couple of decades later and our age difference still doesn't matter.

    Betty Miller

  6. When I was a brand-new 21-year-old second lieutenant in my first assignment at Tooele Army Depot, Utah, the 35-year-old majors seemed SO OLD. Calling them "Sir" constantly didn't help, of course. I was horrified when one of my peers started dating a major, and got that same "ick" factor with Polly. One does a lot of growing up between 20 and 23, if Polly had been, say, 24 it wouldn't have been nearly as icky, even if the RDD were 40.

  7. Doesn't bother me! The PRT (poor retired teacher husband) is ten years older than I am. Just worked out that way. You love who you love.

    Betty AnoninTX