Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Betty Emergency

Greetings, dear Bettys!
I am in a bit of a spot.  A good friend of Betty Kylene and myself is decamping to The Netherlands with her husband and teenaged daughter.  The woman is a darling and doesn't know what culinary joys await.  Sadly (well, no), she is already married, so no Rich Dutch Doctors will do her any good at all.  But Betty Kylene is determined to speed her on her way with a quick primer on mid-century Dutch living, major tourist spots and what to wear when greeting a Dutch mayor.
So, the question is:
Which Betty Book should we give her that hits all the high spots?
(And don't say Caroline's Waterloo (we're both unwilling to part with our copies even for so good a cause) or Sister Peters in Amsterdam (we can't find a copy fast enough!))


  1. Betty Barbara here--

    Perhaps Henrietta's Castle?

  2. Print out Betty van den Betsy's Betty by the Numbers Touring the Netherlands for her.

    Betty AnoninTX. :)

  3. You can read most of them for free on scribd .

    B von S