Saturday, July 27, 2013

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, July 29th.
Not Once, But Twice
Chrissy dates younger brother Adam first, Chrissy's own brother is not very nice, nursing job in Holland. 


  1. Chrissy & Duert show up again five years later in A Girl Named Rose, thirteen years after that in A Good Wife, and then again another year after that in Dearest Eulalia. So learn to love them.

    1. Betty Barbara here--
      I had read the books in a non-chronological order, so I was vastly disappointed in this book. Chrissy and Duert deserved a Much Better story to start their romance.

    2. Well, isn't that funny. Christina and Duert belong to my favourite couples in Neelsdom, Not Once but Twice is one of my top favourite books. Great story. I am looking forward to reading your comment next week, Betty Barbara.