Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, July 8th
No Need To Say Goodbye
Orphan family, inherited cottage, heroine keeps trying to match up RDD with little sister Zoe.


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  2. I really don't know why but I found this a hard book to get into on my first read and only read about 10 years ago. But a my partner is monopolising the TV (first tennis and now formula one!!!) so I am going to pour my self a nice cool glass of wine and force myself to read his.

    I hated "ring in Tea Cup" on firs read but after giving it a few years and the fining this awesome its now a firm favourite. Hope that this might happen again!!


    1. p.s. you might notice - I am a bad speller!

    2. Hello there, Betty Caz, I am sure it is one of your many endearing qualities. My red pen thinks it's quite charming. So don't let it keep you from commenting. Ever.

      We were "watching" formula one too. My mom and our dog mostly with their eyes closed, and I with my eyes glued to my laptop most of the time. (I cannot like yesterday's winner.) My dad had been to some sort of tractor meeting and also to a vintage motorcar meet where he met any number of aquaintances.