Monday, August 19, 2013

An Offer from Betty Beverly

via email:

Dear Betties:

I thoroughly enjoy your blog, although I don't read it as often as I should.  When I do show up, I spend way too much time laughing over your reviews.  I particularly enjoy the photos, funny comments, etc.   You all understand Betty Neels so well.  Half the fun of her books is hearing about the clothes, the food, the hero's house and the house servant.  Whenever I travel, I wish I had a manservant to take care of all the pesky details.  And I love your rating system.

Just so you know, I own about 80 of her books -- I got rid of some of my least favorites around 6-8 years ago, and now am wondering why I did that, because even one of my least favorite Neels books is better than just about anything else out there.

Now for the point of this email.  I write sweet quirky romances -- not completely in Betty Neel's style, but no trips to Brighton, and no serious swearing or Lord's name in vain.  I'm currently working on a Love and Chocolate series and the second book is going to be dedicated to Betty Neels because the hero is a doctor.

Like Betty, I love marriage of convenience stories.  Anyway, I would love to have Betty Debbie or any of  you, your readers, etc. be able to read any of my books for free.  That's my way of saying thank you for the all the enjoyment your blog brings to me.  It's so fun to read your posts and know that someone else understands a love of these books!

The one that is the most like a Betty Neels book so far is probably BABY COMES FIRST.  Girl ends up marrying her rich, grumpy boss, who turns out not to be so grumpy after all.

Anyway, if anyone wants to read a book for free, they can email me at, tell me which book they want, and I'll email them the coupon code for a free ebook at

My blog is

Anyway, thank you again for all your discussions about Betty Neels.

Betty Beverly