Tuesday, August 27, 2013

International Betty

via email:
Dear Bettys

As a was rummaging in Harlequin India website for any news on new romances, I stumbled upon their latest additions for Indian audience. They have taken to translating romances published by US and UK authors in regional languages for Indians. But never did I think they would choose Betty Neels. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did.  

They have translated The Doctor's Girl in Hindi (India's national language), Marathi (local language mostly spoken in the western state of Maharashtra)  and Tamil (spoken in the South of India, mostly in the state of Tamil Nadu). 

The titles also changed with translation. In Hindi it appears as 'The Doctors Lover', in Marathi it changes completely to 'The Doctor's Remedy'. Not only that in the Marathi translation, Loveday becomes Lisa. Unfortunately I can't read, speak or write Tamil, so I don't know how they changed it there. Will keep you updated when I find my Tamil friends.

Here's the link to the page if you want to check it out. Cover's quite fascinating too. http://www.hqnindia.com/series/locallanguage 

Have Fun
Betty Shilpa
Doctor Ki Premika
 by  Betty Neels 
Doctorancha Upay
 by  Betty Neels

If they turned a Betty Neels into a Bollywood production, who would you have play the leads?  My vote for the vast RHD (Rich Hindu Doctor) would be either Abhishek Bachchan or possibly Mohnish Behl. The part of a Neels heroine could be played by either Kajol  or Rani Mukherjee (as spunky Aramintas) or Madhuri Dixit (as an awesome Olivia).  Pure fantasy, of course. The girls I've chosen are a bit too old now, but a few years ago they would have been perfect.
Love and lardy cakes

Betty Debbie


  1. Anupam Kher as the faithful retainer Jolly (he can even have a Mrs. Jolly!) who runs the house to perfection and offers a muted "Madam doesn't look happy" to the hero.

    I LOVE that these are being translated!

  2. Jaya Bachchan as the future MIL.
    Kareena Kapoor as Veronica.
    Saif Ali Khan as Nicky...or Tony...

  3. 'There's a windmill,' Betty A. reminded Betty D. and Betty K.. 'It doesn't look too far away—I'd love to see it.' She had hit on something with which to interest them mightily. Had she seen the film Bride and Prejudice? they wanted to know, because that was the very windmill in it.

  4. Wow. Bollywood Betty. It does have a nice ring to it. :)

    Also got the Tamil translations; it too is called The Doctor's Lover and Loveday changes to Stella.

  5. The cover model looks like Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials....

    1. Surprisingly she is showing a lot of leg. They never did much skimpy clothes unless they were wearing a swim suit.

  6. Saw these guys on tv today.

    Bollywood Style Music with German Lyrics!

    Lovely & Monty (Bhangu Brothers)

    All actors and even the director of the video are taxi customers of Lovely.

    Lovely & Monty Bhangu, taxi drivers from Hamburg, who came to Germany from India (Punjab) in 1984. Lovely writes the lyrics and Monty sings the songs.