Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My brother-in-law has a question...

In yesterday's e-mail:

"In which book does the RDD have two dogs at home, but when our heroine takes them for a walk, one has magically switched breeds overnight!?
"Good luck looking THAT up on your Google translation service.

"PS: when are you arriving again?"

I'm arriving sometime tomorrow, after yet another in a recent series of doctor's visits.  But I can't answer the question on the breed-switching dog...



  1. I am drawing such a blank on this. I wish someone would answer so I could think about something else.

    Betty AnoninTX

  2. Doctor's visits??? Get well soon!!!

    I wish your BIL had asked that question last week when I had time off from work. Tonight and tomorrow I will try and solve the riddle. So far I am drawing a blank same as Betty AnoninTX. The two-dog-books I had in mind where either one-dog-books, three-dog-books or the wrong two-dog-books. I have no real hopes of finding the book but I'll try.

  3. He says it's Never the Time and the Place, but apparently my sister loaned the specific volume to her MIL during a recent trip to Blighty, so we won't have the answer to that part of the question until Thanksgiving, when MIL makes the trip across the waters. I shall check my own collection when I've finished my visit here.

  4. I am going home now and will look for my copy of Never the Time and the Place.
    Betty Anonymous

  5. I actually knew there was a dog breed error in Never the Time and the Place. Julius tells Jo in chapter 7, p. 156, that he has a golden retriever and a Boston bull terrier. But when they get to his house in chapter 8, p. 188, a Great Dane named Charlie has appeared. He tells Jo the other dog is with his father. I scanned the book to see if the other dog ever showed up, and I couldn't spot it. I may just be missing it.

    What confused me was the "walk switch" because I couldn't think of that happening. (not that I remember every little detail in the books...)

    Betty AnoninTX

    1. No, the second dog never showed up.

      Borren came in then with the tea tray and following him came a GreatDane, pacing in a stately manner until he saw Julius, when he skidded acrossthe room to rear up on his hind legs and greet him.
      'Oh, he is nice,' cried Josephine, 'I do hope he'll like me.'
      It seemed as if he would; introduced he wagged his tail, licked her handgently and then sat and gazed at her with his tongue hanging out.
      Presently he went to sit at his master's feet, still gazing at her, eyes half shut, listening to their quiet talk.
      'You said two dogs,' she reminded him.
      'My father's got the other one - he'll bring him over later.'

      This is Josephine's first day in her new home in the Netherlands, and "later", the whole family comes over for dinner in the evening, Tane and Euphemia, too. But no dog. All through the rest of the book, Charlie is an "only" dog.

      Could there be a second dog in the first edition that an editor edited out of the story in a later edition?

      Betty Anonymous

  6. In the Kindle Edition, Charlie is only referred to as "a dog". His breed is never mentioned and I just searched -- nowhere is he called a Great Dane.

    Betty Janet AOH

  7. OMG there are so many dogs in so many Betty books, your BIL must know his Betty.