Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beta Reader, Anyone?

via email:

Do you think… anyone would like to be a beta reader (i.e., guinea pig)? J

I’ve written many short stories, some of which have actually been read by people other than the family members who I’ve tied to chairs and forced (ok, kidding -- really).  Two years ago during NaNoWrimo, I wrote one and a half novellas.  I guess they’d fall into the romantic suspense category, but they’re Brighton-free and from a Christian viewpoint.

I have about two weeks of editing on the first one, before I’m going to kick it out of doors and see if it’s at all salvageable.  Would any Betty be interested in taking a look at it? This is just a first-pass, “yeah, ok” or “no, faggedaboudid” stage.

Thanks for listening.

Betty Janet A OH

Anyone who would like to help Betty Janet out may send their email to TUJD email ( and I will personally forward it to her.  Pretty sure no rope or duct tape will be involved!

Happy Reading,
Betty Debbie

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