Thursday, September 19, 2013

T(ea) is for Texas

Yeehaw!  Betty von Susie and I, Betty AnoninTX, celebrated Bettysday a day early on Saturday, September 14, with a wonderful tea.  We, along with Betty von Susie's wonderful friend Rose, met at the beautiful Dallas Arboretum.  The PRT (Poor Retired Teacher as opposed to RDD) wandered around the Arboretum, taking photos of flowers and pumpkins, while we had tea.

Neither one of us wore a jersey dress!  Please don't hold that against us.  Betty von Susie wore a lovely green, black, and white dress with a white shrug, and she had a darling black fascinator in her hair.  I found a purple crepe dress tucked away in the back of my cupboard, and I wore a black hat that felt like it was as big as the Titantic.

The tea itself was wonderful.  The first course was chicken and vegetable broth and a cheese cracker.  The tea was vanilla mint.  The photo here is the second course of tea sandwiches.  There were cream cheese, turkey with apricot butter, egg salad, cucumber, and chicken salad.  The tea was peach cinnamon hibiscus.  Just thinking about the third course makes my mouth water.  There were chocolate truffles, pecan clusters, huge chocolate covered strawberries, little lemon curd tarts, and blueberry scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream.  The tea was Earl Gray.

It was a very nice day.  It was so great to meet the wonderful Betty von Susie!  Happy Bettysday to you all.