Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, September 16th
The Right Kind of Girl

"Diana is worth a dozen of you".  Yes, this is that one.


  1. The man on the cover is too slim. That has always bothered me, subconciously. Now I know why. Sir Paul "was a big man; not only very tall but built to match his height".
    Betty Anonymous

  2. A HAPPY BETTYSDAY to ALL FELLOWS BETTY TRAVELLERS! A couple of Honorary Bettys are going to celebrate with me on Tuesday (alas, our local lovely tearoom in closed on Sunday and Monday). Betty van den Betsy and I going to have a belated one next Tuesday with a follow-up with Betty Magdalen in October.
    Tot ziens to all--Betty JoDee

  3. I'm in an extended deadline hell (is that too coarse a word for this blog? my apologies) so I've had no time to celebrate Bettysday. But after 100+ years, I think The Great Betty will allow me to celebrate next month when the worst of my *current* deadlines will be behind me.