Sunday, September 8, 2013

Betty Beth's Bargain Books

The young and lovely Betty Beth, An Old-Fashioned Girl, seems to believe that we all attend to our personal correspondence with the reliability and responsibility of, say, a Betty Debbie.  But I don't.  I'm kinda terrible.  That's why I've only just read her e-mail to me of May, and my goodness does this update make checking one's ancillary e-mail accounts more often seem like the right idea.  It's chock-a-block with news and a splendid offer of Betty Books!  If you want to take up the said offer, please click the link on the right to get in touch with Betty DEBBIE, the reliable one:

Hello Founding Bettys and the lovely ladies of Neeldom,

I have managed to enjoy a wonderful Winter Wedding, plus a very nice honeymoon at The Edge of Winter on Kauai – does that make me a Pineapple Girl?  (I’ll admit to having a frozen drink out straight out of a pineapple, which was pretty neat.)

Right after our return to The Magic of Living a life without wedding-related planning, my work hit the annual busy period.  Luckily, my husband (the Professor, as he’s a teacher) is very understanding, and didn’t mind the massive amounts of travel I was required to do this spring… While I was lucky enough to see the Midnight Sun’s Magic in Alaska and a Stormy Springtime in Maine, the big trip was going north on a freighter bound for Dutch Harbor, Alaska, where I worked for some times and read quite a few Betty Neels books by Sun and Candlelight!  But I recently finished my last trip to Oregon Last April Fair, so now I will finally stop feeling like An Independent Woman and return home to spend time with the Professor.  It’s A Dream Come True to be back from so many work trips!

Oh, all right, I’ll stop with the title puns. :D

As I’ve been doing so much travelling, I bought as many Betty Neels books as I could afford for my Kindle (the Professor’s first gift to me!).  While it feels a bit disloyal somehow to the great Mrs. Neels to read her books electronically, I now have 80 of her books in my digital library!  (And I’ve managed to read almost all of them, too – only ten left before I get to buy some more!)

But this means that I have a few paperbacks that could use good homes.  As I know it’s sometimes a bit hard to find Betty Neels books, I thought I’d offer them here first before taking them off to Goodwill – if you Founding Bettys would like the books to use during future give-aways or events, I would be happy to deliver them or mail them.  Too, if you don’t have a use for them, if any of the other Bettys would like one (or more) of the books, I’d be happy to media-mail them out to fellow Bettys.  [If you would like any of the volumes from the list below, please provide your mailing address to Betty Debbie via the link on the right.]

I have quite a few books – the ones with a * are the original covers (ranging from some lovely seventies artwork to some truly awful 90s Harlequin covers), but most of them are the “Best of Betty Neels” reissues.
1. A Christmas to Remember
2. The Chain of Destiny*
3. Roses Have Thorns*
4. Stars Through the Mist
5. Cobweb Morning*
6. Once for All Time
7. The Little Dragon
8. Christmas Miracles – this is an anthology with one of Betty’s short novels inside
9. Small Slice of Summer*
10. Waiting for Deborah*
11. A Little Moonlight*
12. At Odds with Love*
13. Wedding Bells for Beatrice*
14. The Final Touch*
15. Cassandra By Chance
16. The Hasty Marriage
17. An Old-Fashioned Girl*
18. A Matter of Chance*
19. The Engagement Effect – another anthology with one of Betty’s short novels
20. Wish with the Candles
21. Nanny by Chance
22. Tabitha in Moonlight*
23. Not Once but Twice
24. The Hasty Marriage* - yes, I somehow had this one twice in two different covers
25. The Little Dragon* - this one too!

… Well, now that I type it all out that’s more books than I thought!  I hope there are a few ladies out there who can help them go to good homes – if not, I’ll release them into the wild and take them to a Goodwill so they can be discovered anew by future Betty fans.

Happy May, fellow Bettys!  [Betty Beth is not confused; she wrote this in May.  -BvdB]  I hope all has been well with all of you, and I hope my extended absence won’t be held against me.

-Betty Beth


  1. By "A Matter of Chance", I find myself needing the afore mentioned title.
    In order to fully explain let me tell you about my sister,A Gem of a Girl and An Independant Woman who by a Matter of Chance found a treasure the End of the Rainbow. This enabled her to insure a Dream Came True for Prof. Vue de Plane and Betty Mary by taking us with her on a Summer Idyll that was not a Cruise to Wedding buy rather to the place of Midnight Suns Magic. Yes, Alaska!
    Look at the last photo here to see where my missing Betty is.
    My Photos.

    1. Wow, Betty Mary! Consider "A Matter of Chance" set aside with your name on it!

      (Also, that Alaska trip looks amazing! Where all did you go?)

  2. It was a 7 night cruise out of of Seattle to Juneau with stops in Skagway, Ketchican. We were also scheduled to stop in Victoria, B.C. but the winds slowed us down. We anchored for 30 minutes and then headed back to Seattle. We had no time to see Seattle, unfortunately, between my sister's work and going back to school we only had the 7 days. But it was so worth it.

    1. Nice. An Alaskan cruise is on our bucket list. Our vacations for the next two years are planned (y'all know the PRT and his map skills), so we are looking at going in three years.

      Betty AnoninTX

    2. That sounds just lovely - it's the pretty part of Alaska, too, which I'd love to take a cruise to someday to see all the greenery. (Theoretically I've "cruised" through the Inside Passage, but that involved work and standing watch, and of course my shift was 2200-0800, so I only saw a little teeny bit of it in daylight!)

    3. I love these photos, Betty Mary. Is there one where a man has an octopus on his head? So sorry you left your novel on the plane, but it makes a boffo Betty in the Wild-style ending.

      Sorry, yet oddly not sorry, for the double posting.

  3. Betty van den Betsy, that e-mail looked somehow familiar because - how shall I put this? - uhm, Betty Debbie, the Reliable One, posted Betty Beth's e-mail on May 30, 2013. But what a good thing you did not know this! Because, apparently, Betty Beth still has some Betty books in her pile waiting for a new home. So, well done, Betty van den Betsy!

  4. If Betty Beth has Nanny by Chance ... I don't think I've read that. Or maybe I have and I've forgotten which means I can read it all over again. Should that be the case, please advise about postage and such things. (I love the title-based wordplay!) Thank you.