Sunday, October 6, 2013

Betty van den Betsy goes to Washington...

...Washington State, that is.

I was fortunate to be one stop on Betty van den Betsy's Grand Tour.  It was a short visit, as she had to leave my house at 4am in order to get to the airport.
That's it, I'm firing my photographer!
Betty van den Betsy brought a friend...Miss Pettigrew...
...and Cheeses of the West!
Dr. van der Stevejinck and I have been working on a project since late August.  We purchased an old (let's call it 'vintage', shall we?) caravan and have been tearing out some water damaged boards, ripping out some truly nasty pink carpeting, rewiring, etc, etc, etc...

It will probably take at least a couple more months of work before it's all done on the inside, but Dr. van der Stevejinck was determined to take it out somewhere this fall, before the weather got too cold and wet. I made a quilt...

...and off we went.  But not too far.  We drove about 35 miles north of our home and pulled into a conveniently located KOA .
Why am I bringing all this up?  The name I chose for our sweet little 1971 Aristocrat is
Ogre's Relish!  I don't even care that I have to explain it to practically just makes me smile.  I plan on printing up a short excerpt from Cassandra By Chance - the part about why her niece and nephew call a place Ogre's Relish - and hang it on the wall.
the first after dinner course we had in Ogre's Relish was a cheese board (see picture of cheeses above)...courtesy of Betty van den Betsy.
The End.


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    You look fabulous, fellow Bettys! Absolutely fabulous. No need to fire the photographer.
    And, Betty Debbie, I just love(!!!) your camper's name--it is just wonderful!
    I just finished supper and I will say that Cheese Board looks yummy.

    And I envy Betty van den Betsy's energy to undertake such a wonderful trip. It has been a very rough year and Betty Barbara's energy level is very low right now.....

  2. Hello,

    I have been following this blog since I stumbled upon it about 3 months ago. I was first introduced to Betty Neels books by my mother when I was in my teens. I have been a fan ever since ( I am long past my teens at 48 now). I was searching for a complete listing of her titles online (in order to read more of them) and that is how I found the blog. It took me awhile to try to sort out excatly who was who amongst all the "Bettys" but I think I am getting the hang of it. I enjoy the blog and I liked hearing the stories of the trip. It was nice of you to share the photos of her stop at your place. Your cheese board, your quilt, and your caravan look lovely. I am sure any visit with one of the "Bettys" would be loads of fun. :)

    1. Welcome, Betty Softie! Your lovely brown teapot brings back memories. Happy times! I hope you will find all the titles you still need.

    2. Betty Softie, be careful what you wish for! If you're in the US, please let Betty Debbie know where ( and she'll forward the info to me, and if I can I'll visit. Betty Beth just gave me about a dozen paperbacks I can hold out as added inducement...

      I would not fire the photographer, but I'm definitely going to speak with my undergarment salesperson.

      Betty Debbie's quilt is magnificent -- I slept under it! I was not allowed in Ogre's Relish as it wasn't 'finished' yet. Another good reason to return to Seattle. Here is the menu for dinner at the van Stevejinks's: pulled pork, homemade; whole wheat rolls, homemade (the recipe would make a great post); coleslaw, probably homemade; and apple juice, home-pressed from home-grown apples. It was about as tasty as a meal could be, and as I type this five days later I've got the taste of that juice in my mouth. It was especially delicious.


  3. P.S. No need to fire any photographers you both look wonderful in your photo.

  4. "Western" cheeses – from the East. Right. Reminds me of Obelix in Asterix and the Goths, when the Visigoths came – from the East. Same principle.

    Cheese board in , mmmh, yummy, yummy! Well, chosen Betty van den Betsy, the Truffle & Salt Cheddar and the Idaho’s Danish Pearl are made from Jersey milk. Very fitting for a Betty present (read: gift). Quince paste. Yum. My mom will make quince jam again this year, which is not the same thing but just as tasty, I think. Those crackers look very tasty too. Poppy seed and sesame seed? (I should have bought that box of assorted mini crackers & mini pretzels, pretzel sticks & pretzel letters when I saw it, on Saturday. The tiny poppy seed and sesame seed crackers, round and star-shaped, are my favourites in the box.) A little goat cheese to go with the quince paste. (That should be the other way over, I suppose.)
    I draw a blank on the last piece of cheese. A brie or camembert type of cheese would be my guess. It’s not Stilton. What a lovely spread.

  5. Betty van den Betsy - you are such a sweetheart - and a very gracious guest.

    You're in luck about the bread recipe. I posted here on TUJD back in March 2010. If you go up to the "Cooking With Betty" tab (under the header), the recipe for Honey Wheat Bread is down about 1/3 of the way.