Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Betty in the Wild: Lubbock!

So BettyAnoninTX and the PRT took me in for a couple of nights in Lubbock.  Once I'd figured out the time zones (Arizona doesn't do daylight saving, which makes it a little extra complicated), the visit was pure delight.

We visited the Buddy Holly Center, to mourn the early death and celebrate the great achievements of Lubbock's favorite son.  We also visited his gravesite, where his family got a chance to correct the historical record by spelling his surname correctly; it's 'Holley.'  They used his nickname, however -- 'Buddy' -- in place of his birth-name, Charles.

This total stranger, wearing Buddy-style specs,
agreed in the most friendly fashion to show Alexandra around.

Then we were off to the National Ranching Heritage Center, which includes a park adorned with actual homes, businesses and a schoolhouse (no church?) moved to Lubbock from various points in Texas and maybe eastern New Mexico.  These were fascinating.  BettyAnoninTX and I agreed that, had we had to build a house from cactus to survive the harsh desert in the 19th century, we most likely would have died sunburnt, thirsty, hungry and soon.

Where Penny Bright wound up after her misspent months
in Vegas.

Penny would no doubt have shacked up with
this cowpoke if he had any money at all.  But he doesn't.
(Note book resting on his left wrist.)

If Taro were a poor man, Alexandra would have loved him
just as well, and would have made their home a haven of peace
with the help of her trusty (American-made) Singer.

BettyAnoninTX loves one-room schoolhouses, which this is not.

BettyAnoninTX and the PRT both love pronghorn, even
when desecrated -- I mean, decorated -- by 'yarnstormers.'

After dinner at Chuy's, which is every bit as good as BettyanoninTX will tell you it is, we strolled the Pumpkin Path in celebration of the vulgar American holiday Halloween.

Trick-or-treaters are fine for vulgar Penny; Alexandra will stick with mummers, thank you veddy much.

And on my way out of town, I saw a working ranch with traditional entryway.  Lovely visit!  Thank you so much, BAiT and PRT!

Jenny might not be right at home on the range, but this is
at least as substantial a family heritage as are most of the
estates in Somerset.


  1. Oh, goody! Lubbock, finally! I've been waiting for this. While I am reading this I am heaving my first real meal today (and no I did not have sandwiches, which would constitute a real meal in my humble opinion but do not do so in Neelsdom). It is almost a Betty kind of meal — (Oven-baked) Fish and, er, no, not Chips exactly, but almost, Potato Wedges Western Style!!! How very fitting. With a little bit of Mazzetti white balsamic vinegar. Yummmmmm.

    Great pictures! Apparently, nothing is safe from yarnstormers, ha ha. I have never seen this particular technique applied. Thank you for including the picture. (I'm telling you, Bettys, this blog is highly educational.) Interesting travel in time. Is that a muffin pan inside the ranch house, no, wait, even better, is that a poffertjes pan?
    Lovely pictures of Betty AnoninTX (and the PRT)!
    For some reason the young man with the Buddy specs looks familiar...
    Great post! Is there more to come?

  2. Speaking of Texas. Betty von Susie, have you been on vacation? Glad you're back on the planet.

  3. The camera adds 20 years and 40 pounds. But there is my sweet ol' PRT. :-)

    Betty AnoninTX

    1. If the camera added 20 years then you are not a retired school librarian as you led us to believe but have recently graduated from highschool.
      Your PRT does look sweet!

  4. I purchased a substantial part of The Canon at the Book Rack in a strip mall on 34th Street in Lubbock during my grad school days. If the top right corner of the cover was clipped, it only cost 25 cents. A summer day is Lubbock is a l-o-n-g way from a cottage in Somerset....

  5. Good grief. No sooner do I discover TUJD and its lovely reviews but you turn out to have been in my former stomping grounds. I'd start a chorus of That Disney Song, but then it would be stuck in everyone's heads forever, and that's just mean.

  6. Oh great! Now I'm singing it anyway. It's a Small World..... Perhaps it will replace We Are Santa's Elves (from Rudolph) that has been on a continuous ear worm loop for days. So you were in Lubbock, Woodstock? I've been here close to 24 years and within a two hour drive for my entire life.

    Betty JoDee, the Book Rack is on Slide now. :) I bought a ton of books there to ship to my nephew when he was on one of his deployments.

    Betty AnoninTX

  7. I was indeed, Betty AnoninTX. And sorry about the earworm. I've got one of an absolutely terrible cover of Silver bells that was playing in the grocery store. I don't know how those poor clerks don't go stark raving Tell off a Consultant mad listening to that all day.