Saturday, November 9, 2013

Betty in the Wild: Southwestern Desert

Having introduced Tishy to that nice man in Santa Barbara, I threw Alexandra into the sinkhole of garish, smoke-heavy, pedestrian-unfriendly Las Vegas, first stop in a desert tour.

She only nipped into the casino to assist a pregnant woman...

Penny Bright ran off to Vegas.

Then I forgot to take any BitWilds around Sedona, but this is what it looks like without the book:

Somewhere between Albuquerque and Lubbock there are road signs for The Blue Hole.  That sounds enough like The Blue Pool that I took the short detour.  And kinda wished I hadn't...

Third-most-boring tourist attraction on the list I keep in my head.
There were a few scuba divers in it, at least.
The Blue Hole is 81 feet deep, 60 feet wide and maintains a water temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit.  Oh, how wonderful.  Apparently.