Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, November 18th
The Doctor's Girl
Black eye, caddish Cousin Charles, trip to Brighton.


  1. I'm sure one of the Betty's can help DiAnn from the Betty Neels Yahoo group out.
    "Hi! I saw this question about a Betty Neels book on the Amazon forum - does anyone know which book this is? I remember the story, but not the title. Any help would be much appreciated - thank you, DiAnn

    "It's a marriage of convenience. The only scene I can remember is that the H and the h are out together somewhere. The H is a doctor, of course, and he needs to go to the hospital.

    The h says she'll go with him because that way he can get there faster since he won't have to take her home. He is grateful.

    They get to the hospital and the h is taken to a room to wait. She is there a long time. At one point she steps into the hall to see if the H is coming back. He is coming but he doesn't see her and he goes down another way.

    Some time later, the h steps out into the hallway again and the H sees her this time. He is dismayed because he had forgotten she was there."

  2. It's inThe Convenient Wife.

    Betty AnoninTX

  3. Thanks, I trust you completely! Proving it by posting your answer on the yahoo group without digging out my book first. ;-)