Sunday, December 29, 2013

Betty in the Wild: Meet Me at the St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis has one of the premier zoos in the world, and it's free to all.  Amazing.

This statue might seem vulgar at a Somerset estate or Den Haag mansion, but a heffalunk with a late-October celebratory punkin on its head is just the right welcoming touch for a zoo.

Nothing is more relaxing for a convalescent aunt then a peaceful afternoon gazing at ephelumps.

Margaret is not a hyena.

Cats don't get a lot of type-space in Grasp a Nettle, but you know Jenny cares about them.  And these cats can keep up with Eduard's Great Dane.

Sightseeing, as we all know, is exhausting, and requires a reservation for tea at The London Tea Room.  While not quite Fortnum's, it has a massive selection of teas, with a Betty-worthy literary quality to the menu.  As a for-instance, this is their menu listing for their grilled cheese sandwich:  "The Grilled 3-Cheese Sandwich - Sharp English cheddar, Swiss and chèvre cheeses cross international boundaries and melt unilaterally with caramelized onions on Pugliese bread. One frightening step closer to the New World Order and/or heartburn."  Ha ha!

Jenny would not approve my choice of Jasmine Dragon Tears green tea, but she'd be able to pick a more traditional blend, like maybe Queen of Hearts -- certainly not Naughty Vicar!


  1. Meet Me in St Louis — for many years, it was one of my favourite movies back when...
    I have not seen it in a while and I had quite forgotten that Judy Garland sang Have yourself a merry little Christmas in it. Love the Halloween episode in the movie although there is no "heffalunk with a late-October celebratory punkin on its head" in it.

    The menu of the London Tea Room — pretty funny: The Croque Monsieur [...] Let it congregate in your tummy with the Croque Madame you had for breakfast (see above). Maybe make a Croque Bébé. — Ha ha ha!

  2. 'Tis the season...
    All good things must come to an end, eventually. Apparently. The Founding Bettys have stopped posting at the beginning of this month. Dutch quilter Ingrid aka Supergoof whom I have mentioned a couple of times on this blog — was it only three days ago? — published the very last post of her blog Supergoof Quilts the day before yesterday.

    Boy, am I glad we've got Betty van den Betsy to stave off the inevitable for a while, yet. I still have a couple of unfinished scribbles sitting somewhere on my laptop. I had such plans...

    It is time to make new plans...

    It is New Year's Eve, Bettys around the world, oudjaarsavond/Oud en Nieuw which is a very important date for some of us. Our Bettys in Australia and Singapore are ahead of us and have waltzed their way into 2014 some time ago.

    All the very best wishes for the New Year!

  3. Oh, my goodness! Look at the globe widget!

    We are fast approaching 200,000 visits ! ! !

  4. Are you having oliebollen today? Traditional New Year's Eve fare. Where I live the doughnuts are called Berliner — in Berlin they call them Pfannkuchen = pancake(s) — no raisins or currants, they are filled with jam/preserves or plum butter, covered with sugar, powdered sugar or icing. They are also sold with more new-fangled fillings and icings (advocaat, for example). You can even buy them filled with mustard. I'm not joking. The joke is on the poor unsuspecting victim who picks that particular Berliner off the serving tray from among the regular doughnuts. Happened to my mom once, but she didn't let on...

    I've had two Berliner with plum butter and icing along with a mug of hot (more like lukewarm) chocolate for a belated lunch today. They looked a little bit crooked but were yummmmmmy.

  5. 200,021 visits now. I wonder who was # 200,000...

  6. I have a question. The search function does not work for me, not in Firefox (the little x appears at the top of the page, that's it), not in Internet Explorer (the little x appears, I can remove it by clicking on it). If "Search This Blog" works for you which browser are you using?